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  1. Ladies, Please Don't....

    I agree with hunter! What you might not like others might adore. I personally know men who love seeing a girl wear lipstick while going down. In fact I’ve never heard anyone complain about it besides this. What you don’t like another may love. If every provider fit into one predetermined box the hobby would be insanely droll.

    🙏🙌 thank you!!!!!!

    Can’t give any more rep points but I agree 100%!

    It is. A month later and he’s still trying to drag my name through the mud. The funny thing is that the more he does it the more unhinged he makes himself look. Reputation is everything here and well...just look at his. As for the blacklist, that is and will continue to remain 100% private no matter how much clients beg and pry. This is for SAFETY, not for laughs. We do this to make sure we are SAFE. After the murder of the four girls by the federal agent a few weeks ago I’m not taking any chances.
  5. Who has been nabbed by LE tell your story.

    This. Even if the windows are rolled down the car still increases in temperature being stationary. If you can’t take your dog into where you’re going leave them at home or don’t own a dog.
  6. Who has been nabbed by LE tell your story.

    You have a real case of “foot in mouth” don’t ya?
  7. References

    Most established providers will ask for references or another form of screening. References are meant for the provider’s safety. By speaking to another provider you’ve seen I can assure that you aren’t going to cause legal issues for me. It also gives me a good gauge of how our time together will be. Asking for references is pretty common and has been a form of screening for years. As providers we have just as much to lose as you do.
  8. Providers who see clients with minor disabilities

    I second Chrissy on this. As long as you make us aware beforehand most providers will be sensitive and willing to work with your needs.
  9. Where has Reese Reynolds gone off to?

    For a second I thought you said were had Burt Reynolds gone off to? My immediate response was “he’s on that bear rug in the sky”. 🤣
  10. P411 profile update

    I always look at the profile info that way I can make sure I provide an experience that the gentleman enjoys. It’s nice to know what he likes and doesn’t like before going into the session.
  11. Lelo Hex Condoms?

    Yay!!!!! I swear by Skyns and I’m so happy you tried them out and saw just how amazing they are! I, too, am not being paid by them, they just really are that amazing!
  12. Lelo Hex Condoms?

    In my younger days I worked in an adult store that sold these. They’re absolutely amazing, but also tend to be expensive. I adore anything from the Lelo brand and highly recommend their toys, but I second the beautiful Amber’s response about Skyns. Much more affordable, just as thin, and non-latex.
  13. What's for dinner

    I recently made a Shepard’s pie that was pretty fantastic. Though I guess that would technically be a UK dish.
  14. Too Soon for Spooky Things?

    I’m hoping it will be downright dramatic. I’m ready for moody skies and chilly winds! 🎃
  15. Too Soon for Spooky Things?

    I love a good winter celebration, especially when the dress code is minimal! All the nippy weather and nippy...well you know.