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  1. Happy Birthday Callie Vane!!

    Thank you all so much! TOB and the community are so wonderful!
  2. Happy Birthday Callie Vane!!

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much everyone!
  3. Who’s watching me

    I have a mirror in front of my bed just for this very reason! I like it to flow naturally. Too much eye contact and I feel self conscious. Not enough and I can’t feel the passion.
  4. Reference

    This is why I changed my policy. It took one time of me giving a reference to a lovely lady for a gentleman I hadn’t seen in over a year, and him being rude to and rough with her for me to implement the policy as I felt terrible that I let a man like use my reference to basically be an asshole to another provider. Someone who was nice and understanding a year or two ago may no longer be. I do let the provider in question know that I have seen them but it has been a very long time and I can no longer vouch for their behavior. Some ladies will choose to see them and some will not. I just find it helps to keep the provider in question safe, or at least safer.
  5. Reference

    This! I changed mine to 3-6 months because I was having gentleman from three years ago attempting to use me as a reference and I didn’t feel safe clearing them as they could have completely changed in that time.
  6. Food for Thought

    If you were a type of food, whether sweet or savory, what would you be and why? I think I would be caramel. I’m sweet but can be salty. I also can be bendy and fluid when I get warmed up! 🤣
  7. Prophylactic wisdom

    This is my favorite as well. Non-latex, thin, don’t break and won’t break the bank! Plus they have almost no scent to them. That’s one thing I can’t get over with Trojans, that scent.
  8. What is up with super tight covers.

    Hmmm, you might be on the larger size. Most providers keep a sizable and vast array of covers on hand at all times and I try to keep as many sizes, flavors, colors, and latex free options as well. I even keep a few (expensive) female condoms on hand. It helps having a huge selection to avoid those awkward encounters.
  9. What to watch?

    I am a HUGE fan of Tom Segura’s standups on Netflix. He has three, Completely Normal, Mostly Stories, and Disgraceful, and each one of them is better than the last. He’s raunchy as hell and not very politically correct but my god is he funny! He also hosts a weekly podcast on YouTube with his wife, called Your Mom’s House that makes for a great way to kill an hour or two.
  10. private or hotel

    As a provider I do find it’s easier and less of a hassle having my own, private incall. I find it puts gentleman at ease to not have to walk through a lobby and instead come into a warm and safe house. I prefer private incalls to hotels all day! However, the nature of the hobby is really fascinating. There are people who love private incalls and people who hate them. Just the other day I was informed I have “too many reviews to live in a house” and that it made the gentleman uncomfortable. But I think it just goes to show how eclectic and wonderful our little community is. What works for one may not work for another and that’s okay! Flavor is the spice of life, so let’s spice it up shall we?
  11. Great day for homemade chili

    I made a pretty delicious gumbo in the crockpot for dinner! Soup and warm cuddles have to be the best parts of chilly days like this!
  12. Ladies why be so flaky?

    I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope it doesn’t continue to happen. Denver is amazing and we have some of the most superb and talented women in this place we call home. But with that can come some unsavory characters. And the same can be said of some of the gentleman here as well. They’re are some truly amazing gentleman here (you know who you are! )and some less so. It is unfortunately just what comes with being a part of the hobby. Don’t let this one experience sour you, there’s plenty of great providers out there!
  13. Hello!

    Welcome and please enjoy yourself!
  14. I second everyone on this post and wish I had the upvotes to give you all. I understand those providers who would choose to admit themselves from providing personal information. But at the end of the day I don’t mind providing verification. It’s nice to know that every provider here is of age and consenting. I love our little community, anything that protects it is welcome to me.
  15. What's better? Longer or shorter?

    As a lady, I definitely prefer an hour or longer the first time I meet a gentleman. It’s nice to be able to chat for a while and set the mood. I find playtime to be far more passionate and sensual when both parties are relaxed, warmed up, and not rushed. And the hour also allows for a fun and slippery clean up in the shower, should it be required.