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  1. Gratitude

    Thank you for making this thread! I love TOB and the many friends I’ve made here! I’ve been around since 2015 and I always come back home to TOB.
  2. Historical in the Springs?

    I’m wondering if there are any historical sites that can’t be missed in the Springs? I was a history major and I’d like to learn a little more about the city. I’m particularly fond of the Edwardian era so if there is anything from that time period I would be over the moon about it! Thank you in advance!
  3. I once read the beautiful Bettie Page took what she called air baths where she lounged completely nude in fresh air for 20 minutes every day! I’ve done it a few times when it’s colder but it’s finally warm enough to take one everyday! I love old beauty treatments and tips. Anyone else take air baths?
  4. Weekend Plans?

    I have my first non-professional date in 6 years tonight! I’m very nervous and excited!
  5. Yes!!!! Get it, beautiful queen!
  6. Thank you! I find the self control really comes from seeing the number on the scale go down. That keeps me motivated and on track. I also allow myself two cheat days a month, where I can eat whatever I want. That helps too!
  7. Thank you! My two main contributors to my weight loss has been keto and cardio. I eat 20 grams of carbs a day and do an hour of medium impact cardio five days a week! As for going further I have 48 more pounds to go before I’m back to my college weight, which is where I tend to be most comfortable. I’m super happy and I’ve gotten to the point where if I eat bad or miss a workout I feel it. I think it’s definitely a part of my lifestyle now!
  8. I’ve lost 60 pounds since June and am still losing.
  9. Vacation? Where Would You Go?

    I would either go to Scotland or France. I’m interested in the history of both of those places.
  10. Happy holidays everyone! I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite things about this time of year are. Assuming covid never happened, what would you have been looking forward to the most for the holidays?
  11. Happy B-Day Cherry Aka Miya

    Happy birthday, beautiful!
  12. A Lion

    Corgi’s are amazing!!!!!!