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  1. There will be no more donations

    This is so sad on so many levels. There’s never a good time to take advantage of a lady, but December? A lot of us have families to support, gifts to give, travel to fund to see family we may only see once or twice a year. We put our lives on the line to try to make those ends meet. We work harder than some people seem to think for that money - imagine if your boss decided to withhold your paycheck for spending too much time at the water cooler, even after you put in the work and got results? Wouldn’t you be upset? Of course, that’s righteous anger. I’m glad that no one was physically harmed, and I truly hope that no one was actually drugged, that it was just a case of too much alcohol on an empty stomach. I have been in that boat and know that it happens. The best outcome would be for the donation to be given within a timeframe set by Violet. I hope this guy does the right thing.
  2. Snapchat Verification

    It’s just another way to get literally any services rendered for free. Please don’t fall for these attention grubbing tactics, ladies, it takes away from your time and the time of the gentlemen who actually value what you offer.
  3. Is this true???

    Not gonna lie, beards are my favorite.
  4. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    This is how it’s done, guys. 🤤😏
  5. Where to keep the supplies?

    Thank you for reminding me that I need to buy more Nuru 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  6. I'm falling, but not for you...

    So, ummm... do you have their name, number, and references? I really like redheads. 😳
  7. I'm always horny

  8. Ultimate Fantasy

    I don’t honestly remember - lotta lovin’ under the bridge since then, you understand. 😜
  9. What's more valuable: More time or video?

    Is it totally crazy that I’ve been thinking about the GoPro thing, too?
  10. Ultimate Fantasy

    I participated in something like this a while back, it was an active social group where everyone knew all participants. The way it worked was with a one to one ratio - so, each gent would contract with one lady, bring her there, and while he was guaranteed time with her, they could also do their own thing during the time they were there. There was a standard, fair fee for the time that everyone participated. I enjoyed my time thoroughly, as I got to... meet... several ladies who I hadn’t done doubles with yet. 5/7, would join the fray again. 👍🏻
  11. Should we give second chances.

    I came to the end of this post wanting to know if provider #1 was okay, then wondering why everyone wasn’t asking that question. Now we know. Sophie Layne, I am so sorry that this happened to you, and even sorrier to see that someone you likely trusted didn’t believe you. I’m sure that hurts quite a lot. I hope you’re able to heal over time; if you ever need to talk or just feel supported, please message me.
  12. Escort Babylon???

    I’ve never heard of that site, so if I’m on there, I definitely didn’t post myself.
  13. Wolf Creek Lodge

    I’ve been to a few of the Jellystone parks with family. It’s a good place to introduce kids to the concept of camping, without any of that pesky roughing it or communion with nature.
  14. What is your dream vacation?

    My dream would be to explore everything that Iceland has to offer - breathtaking landscapes, geothermal activity, waterfalls, snorkeling the Silfra fissure, touring ice caves, laying under the Aurora Borealis in a glass igloo, swimming in the Blue Lagoon. There is so much natural beauty in our world, but the contrast of fire and ice puts Iceland at the very top of my bucket list.
  15. Period Sex Blanket

    This same exact thing can probably be accomplished with a dark fleece blanket for a lot less money, tbh. Not that I would know anything about mitigating mattress stains, mind you. 😳