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Found 3 results

  1. I am not sure of the exact date but it has been about a year since TOB merged with EB & EP. Initially I was not a fan of the change having lost the creative variety available in the old EB editor. However the cell phone friendliness of the new TOB & upgraded features more than make up for anything we lost. I have a new Something Fun® video celebrating the one year anniversary of the new TOB. Although the moderators gave me permission to post it in the Colorado Forum, none of the moderators had any input on the content. This Something Fun® video is a tongue-in-cheek behind the scenes look at what the moderators may have discussed in celebrating the new TOB. This is a work of fiction and very much, Something Fun® for all TOB members and lurkers to enjoy and discuss:
  2. New Google Glass app

    I knew someone would create it. Now, are ladies going to start advertising they have Google Glass in their ads? Does it fall under toys?