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  1. 411 on Heidi

    Heidi 970-599-1351 Colorado Massage Just wondering if anyone has seen Heidi up here in northern Colorado. she doesn’t discus menu outside of an appt, but $225 seems steep for a strictly therapeutic massage. 970-599-1351
  2. Escorting days in USA has come to an end

    Leyla - let me assure you… no one would call you anything less than stunning!
  3. Downtown providers?

    Colorado, Denver I’m working downtown - looking for recommendations for providers who are within walking distance of union station (I guess anywhere along 16th street as well since I can easily jump on the mall ride bus). please pm me any recommendations. TIA
  4. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    Welcome to Denver... for half of the city it’s a bitch to get to DTC. You can’t please all of us!
  5. Recent text message-

    For you honey, I’m completely free. In fact, why don’t I just give you my home address and you can stop by any time you feel like it! or... you could just block his number
  6. Range

    You had a 100 yard range in your basement? Did you live in a Football stadium?
  7. How to treat a client

    Well, if that doesn’t get the phone ringing off the hook, I don’t know what will! 😁
  8. If you must go... please give us a window in which we can see you before you go! You'll be sorely missed!
  9. Wyoming Requests

    Am I the only one that wants to hear Kashmir's stories?
  10. Longest orgasm

    It's a lot better than 30%... More like 333%!
  11. Attacked at the door

    First time visit... I showed up to her complex, and she walked me up the stairs to the door of her condo. I followed her in, and she slammed to door behind me. The only way to describe what happened next: She attacked me. I remember buttons flying off my shirt, my pants pulled to my ankles without touching a button... She pretty much had her way with me for a half hour... And I was on cloud nine. I'm not a small guy... 6-1" 200 lbs, but I'm pretty sure she could have body slammed me without a second thought. I was really new to the Hobby, this was one genuine PSE that I'll never forget!
  12. 411 Kennedy?

    Anyone know anything about her?
  13. Planning on Colorado?

    As someone who lives in Fort Collins, and works in boulder... I think your plan is great!
  14. 411 on Kylee up in Fort Collins

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Kylee... Tineye shows nothing on any of her pics... And her phone only shows up in her ads. Looks TGTBT, but a guy can hope, right?
  15. 411 on Harmony or Amanda

    That ad for harmony is actually Katie Creme... She's got quite few reviews here