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  1. Labia-good, bad or ugly

    Definitely good ! A personal favorite of mine.
  2. Reviews for Khloe

    Look down below, page 3
  3. Top or bottom?

    Her on bottom. Even better, her laying on her back at the edge of a bed, me standing.
  4. What do you do after the deed is done?

    Neither, Isn't that when foreplay is supposed to start again ?
  5. Coffee, tea or energy drink?

    BCAA energy drink, no sugar, just natural caffeine/green tea extracts.
  6. Lipstick or no lipstick? Hair up or down?

    Love long hair, it always looks better down. Hair down, lipstick on, messy is fun !
  7. First, start by changing your screen name. 2pimp , has a nice ring to it . . .
  8. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    If 30 minutes is too far out to meet. He's probably not going to last 30 seconds, when he does meet you.
  9. Musings of an old man

    Well if they were right here on the board, and reviewed and trusted dates. Why would you have a problem sending them a pic. She is going to see what you look like, when you show up anyway. As for the driver's license, she's probably just confirming your pic matches your license. That your an actual real guy. She may not care or need to see your last name or address. It's honestly not that hard to get a date, if you act like a nice, and respectful guy. ( im not implying your not ) but, it seems like your some how making this way harder. Than it really needs to be. That's something your doing to yourself, not your prospective dates.
  10. Real men of the forum...

    I took the " real men of the forum " to imply, he was looking for real ( honest ) view points or opinions. From real ( honest ) guys on the forum, about his dilemma. Rather than useless troll type responses that are of no help. Weather your able to or not, or willing to or not. Doesn't make you any more or less a real man. Everyone should do what's right for themselves, not whats right for other people's opinions. I've helped dates that i respected, by working on their cars or moving. Or going out on an extra date, if thats what they needed.
  11. Post Your Funnies

    George should tell his wife, that the pretty waitress has cured his erectile dysfunction . . .
  12. Happy thoughts

    @ MR33, next time your riding towards Salida. Try the hwy 67,96,69 loop. South out of Florence, through Silver Cliff / Westcliffe, to Texas Creek.
  13. Where’s Zoey????

    Have no idea, but if I was interested. I would just send a text or pm to her.
  14. 3s Company?

    Weather or not she was a well reviewed date. It should have been a common courtesy, to inform you before hand, if she had company. I've been on dates were they've had other female friends over. Most of the time their friends have left before the date started. And once a date, had a non hobby related male roommate, home during our date. It wasn't really an issue for me. But, not everyone will feel that way, and its perfectly ok, not to. But, if you're not scheduling a 3-some, you should be able to reasonably assume. There is just going to be, you two attending the date.
  15. Have you evee felt?

    You know, I think most " average " guys really aren't introspective enough. Or just don't care, to really take an honest look at themselves. And put the effort into understanding what really makes them tick, understanding what they really want, or need. But, luckily your not normal, your here on TOB. Where most of us, want something better for ourselves. Alot of guys that don't have any real medical issues, but have ED like problems. Most of the time, it's all in their big head. It doesn't matter how hot she is, how hard she tries. Usually her trying harder, will just make it worse. Or how naked she is. If your big head isn't in the the right place ( for whatever reason ) he will sabotage your little head, regardless of what you want. You have no choice in that matter. The more it happens, the more likely it will be to happen. You also have no choice in that either. But, its important to recognize that, so that you can be comfortable with it and address it. You basically need to reprogram your big head, to go fuck off, when your little head is supposed to be in charge. What you need is positive, non hard-on based dates. I don't know if you're a daty guy, but I love it. For example I would schedule a daty only date. Or if your a massage guy, schedule a massage only date. Tell your date your stressed from work, and you just want to relax and play around. You both will then know, your not there for a full date. You won't be there to have a hard on, or need one. So who gives a fuck if you do or not. Relax, have fun, be playful, be positive on your date. After a couple of good, with no pressure to perform dates. Your little head will probably wake up and start paying attention. Go slow, you don't need to hit a home run when he first wakes up, try third base out first.