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  1. More zero reviews aging up

    In case you weren't aware, it costs $ every month just to be able to list an ad on this site. I'm sadden to see so much negativity about new ladies in the area. Just because someone doesn't have pages of reviews here doesn't mean they aren't legit. Perhaps if you're interested in one of them, you could put your search engines to work and try to find out more before completely writing us off. Some of us simply can't survive in our local areas and depend on traveling, and open minded gentlemen. Also, this is a busy forum. I've never felt unwelcome here, but usually by the time I see a post I would like to comment on, there are already 40 posts communicating my point, many probably better than I would've said it to begin with. So, I don't comment a lot. It's not that I don't want to interact, I don't want to be redundant just to be seen. Fresh faces should be good thing! Don't be scared to do a little research! You should be doing that anyway! Happy Holidays to all!
  2. Just checking in...

    Yum! That looks delicious! Thank you for the recommendation!
  3. Just checking in...

    Now that is a great recommendation!! haha Enjoy KC!! I look forward to returning!!
  4. Just checking in...

    Thank you!! Someone else mentioned both of those places to me as well!! I didn't get a chance to get any BBQ that trip, so I will definitely have to make my way back for some BBQ. Thank you for the reply!! xox
  5. Just checking in...

    Best place for KC BBQ? What's your favorite?
  6. Just checking in...

    Yay! I'm so happy to hear that! Minneapolis is becoming a regular stop for me, too! I love Denver! I wish I could live there, but life keeps me in Iowa for now. Thanks for the message!! If our paths cross one day I'd love to get coffee or something stronger! Have a great week!!
  7. I have my first trip to Kansas City planned! I'm so excited! See you next month! xox Ali
  8. I'm really hoping this board takes off in some of the areas I visit! I'm based in Iowa, I travel to Denver ever 3 or 4 months. I travel as much as I can! Maybe to you, soon! xox Ali
  9. I'm spending my birthday in DC this year! 11/5 Any recommendations? Thanks! xox Ali
  10. Just checking in

    I was hoping this board my take off in other areas I visit.... how about this one?? xox Ali
  11. Sapphire Point in November?

    I have been up there in April to find it still a wintery wonderland! lol Just wasn't sure when the snow fall started. Thanks for the info!
  12. Sapphire Point in November?

    Thank you for the input! I appreciate the help!
  13. Sapphire Point in November?

    Can anyone tell me if Sapphire Point is typically accessable early November? I wasn't sure how early the snow started up there. I went up in Late April last year and was surprised to find it still frozen. I didn't think of it as being that high up, until then! I'm not a local, so I don't know how "common" the place is, but it's on Swan Mountain, just up the mountain from Dillon. It's one of my absolute favorite places and I'd like to share it with a friend in November! Thanks for the info!
  14. Denver Fireworks??

    It started to rain just as I was heading out, so I ended up watching them from my hotel window. I was able to see about 6 different displays, so it worked out ok in the end!
  15. Denver Fireworks??

    Barking about fireworks legislation just makes you look grouchy. This is hardly the place to try to make change. Thanks for all the information, but I'm simply looking for a fun night, not a debate on fireworks. Kindly hold your tongue (and fingers) or create your own fireworks debate thread. Thanks! And Happy 4th!!!