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  1. The big black Site Terms blocking content

    I don't even see a big black TOB Site Terms stripe on those pages; or any other page.
  2. Left behind items

    @Ms T DDD any luck finding the owner of the item?
  3. Any gals out there offer greek

    As mentioned, may also see references to greek in reviews. However, I would take those instances with a YMMV attitude.
  4. The Power of Positivity!!!

    @Elle Blake I am also a big believer in having a positive outlook as opposed to more negative one. For what it's worth though, I saw this article about Tony Robbins and positive thinking. https://www.businessinsider.com/tony-robbins-positive-thinking-doesnt-work-2016-7
  5. Pop up

    FWIW, I close any pop-up ad the moment the option to close it is available. While I realize they are a necessary evil that helps keep the internet (mostly) free, I find them annoying.
  6. King of the Hill. My all-time favorite. Although, as a kid, a enjoyed Johnny Quest
  7. Is age really just a number?

    90 would probably not work for me. Otherwise, not really. I have had fantastic experiences with companions in there early 20s to those in there early 50s. I have also had less than fantastic experiences with companions in that age range.
  8. Denvermassagegirls.com legit?

    Most of the images on the site are taken from other sites so, I suspect those are not the ladies that you would see. TOFTT and let us know.
  9. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    Same here. But, I think that the way someone refers to themselves is certainly different than how we, individually, refer to others.
  10. GFE vs VIP

    On a different site in a different city/country, the terms GFE and PSE were used. I have definitely had many GFE encounters that I would have described as PSE; which generally meant anything short of BBFS was available. I agree though, it is difficult to generalize.
  11. Losing Your Best friend....

    Sorry for your loss and hoping you are getting the closure that you need. Life is truly a blessing and none of us should ever take even one day for granted.
  12. Lived in Canada for 17 years. It was well known that most of the Asian providers were B&S. I had firsthand experience a couple of times before I just gave up on contacting Asians. Fortunately, nothing too bad.
  13. Fake or no Fake?

    Not the need but, as I get older, my body does not always cooperate with what I want. Faking is the least awkward way to resolve the situation.