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  1. issue with provider

    I’ve had this happen to me once, after a few hours of texting back and forth trying to set up a quick visit she just kept giving me the run around so I politely made up an excuse that I was sorry but I ran out of time and had to get back to work. Wow did she reply with some crazy texts calling me all sorts of names and she was going to find out who I was and make my life miserable. So I just ignored and blocked and that was that! She still posts ads on stg everyday.
  2. New Mexico providers?

    Santa Fe might be your best bet! Only an hour drive from Taos!
  3. Types of hobbying Injuries :)

    A young gal and I were going 69 on a pullout bed that was probably older than I am wow I can still feel the bars on my back to this day! Well anyway as we were about to switch positions I feel it instantly my darn back was thrown out oh man! Luckily I was able to finish but walking out of her place was embarrassing!
  4. What areas do you prefer to see ladies in?

    And don’t forget about us gentlemen down in the Springs area!
  5. Piper COS 411

    I’ve also been curious about this one!
  6. Ladies FYI regarding Cash App

    You are welcome!😜
  7. Ladies FYI regarding Cash App

    I use Robinhood to purchase those.
  8. Any 411 on Paris in COS?

    No! But I’ve also seen that one advertise.
  9. Any 411 on Paris in COS?

    She has been advertising off and on for the last few years! I’ve personally not seen her yet!
  10. First time long time

  11. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    I was self learning the electric guitar!
  12. Hello To Colorado

  13. 411 on Kandii STG ? Springs

    I don’t get where you are getting bbw ebony lady from. The ad at the start of this thread and my clipping are the same lady. The Cameroon part I have no clue why she has that on her profile.
  14. 411 on Kandii STG ? Springs

    She has been around awhile!
  15. It’s cool lol! Yeah she gets the extra benefits!