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  1. Strangest Request

    Strangest provider request: I received a text on my way to the appointment requesting that I pick up a six pack of beer and a plastic tarp.
  2. Perfume or not ?

    The more perfume the better. If she usually wears the same scent it becomes hers. It's amazing how you can associate a scent with a person. Good stuff!
  3. Need advice please

    Advise? Don't ever stop being cautious, smart and respectful. Side note - I hope you never stop being a little nervous. That anticipation, excitement and anxiety of the first meet is priceless.
  4. Ugggh...

    You do not need to kiss ass. Anybody with any experience knows there are two sides to every story. Just be positive, be honest, be awesome, be safe and have fun.
  5. Gifting........

    I went to an appointment on my way out of town heading to elk camp for a week. At the end of my time she presented me with a half a dozen homemade breakfast burritos. What a great, thoughtful, personal gift. I appreciated her every morning of the season.
  6. Imagine an RV pulling up to base camp half way through elk season. A shower, a tumble, a meal and another tumble. Great plan!
  7. cant get my foot in the door.. Help!

    I think provider references have become secondary to a lot of women. The bigger screening tools seem to be personal information and or gut instinct. As a new guy you need to set your boundaries on sharing info and then play the numbers game till you are established. Just enjoy the journey and you will reach your destination a whole lot happier.
  8. My first experience came off backpage. She rejected my first attempt. In retrospect I'm sure I sounded like LE. She told me about TOB and suggested I study etiquette a little bit. After a day of research I contacted her again and had my first appointment. I got lucky and met another provider that I consider a friend. She offered advice, references and friendship. She taught me to like the provider not hire the provider. Sounds wierd I know. To this day I consider her a friend.
  9. Do a review and she gets too busy to see you

    Everybody has their own reasons for what they do but I don't think a review should be considered a favor or a means of earning special treatment. That being said, if she is to busy to make time to schedule you then take Josie s advice and meet somebody new.
  10. Fantasy -- One Week Getaway

    One week sleep aboard on a houseboat in alaska. Throw your crab traps out in the morning and head out to spot and stock bear from the skiff. Watch the sun go down from the back of the boat and enjoy. Then repeat..... The right girl would make this trip double the fun.
  11. Some advice for newbies?

    My 2 cents worth. 1) Read the ads top to bottom and follow the instructions for scheduling. (If you don't like their process call someone else) 2) Be 10 minutes early for your appointment and let her know you are there. (Don't worry if she doesn't return your text until a few minutes before your scheduled time) 3) Once iintroductions are made go wash your hands and leave the donation in the restroom. (Unless a different location has been specified ) She can check the donation in private if she wants and will appreciate fresh clean hands. 4) Be nice. 5) For God's sake don't make her tell you your time is up. If they are truly enjoying the session, and want to spend more time, they will stop you from leaving. 6) Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. These girls don't judge but don't be disappointed or shitty if your request is denied. Be nice and have fun.
  12. Well you know.

    What are we talking about? Outcall oil change with a happy ending? I like the concept!
  13. Clients who are late?

    Being late as a client or a provider is no big deal if you are communicating. Shit happens. Either back the start time up or cancel the appointment. However, if you are always late then you deserve to pay the price. * one of my life lessons taught was " if you're not 15 minutes early you are late". This rule has created a lot of waiting time but I'm never late for anything. Plus I keep armour all in the truck so I can always clean while I wait.
  14. BTW Shorting the donation is unacceptable.
  15. Now Jez you are not being completely honest with your lust desires. I remember two hours of nonstop Jez which did not include nqns. When our time was up and we were saying good night you explained your commitment to being a carnivore and proceeded to satisfy your hunger. That being said, in response to your post, even though you did go home frustrated you did get to practice and satisfy SOME of your lust desires.