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  1. a petite bbw......

    You know very well that you're purposefully missing the point. I point you toward a statement I made upthread-- "Different people are attracted to different sizes. And that's okay!" A non-asshole guy who isn't attracted to larger bodies simply says something like "no thanks, not for me". The hippo comment though? Asshole detector WORKING.
  2. Economic Indicator - Increase in Rates

    I can see that. I think you may be on the wrong side of the equation, though...usually in my experience of Denver BP it's the potential clients who call and try to haggle you down from your listed price.
  3. a petite bbw......

    Yep, same. Anyone so overly interested in thin fetishism can just strike me off the list, too! My weight is a great asshole detector
  4. a petite bbw......

    I understand how it can seem that way based on who gets visually represented in media like tv and magazines, but just for some perspective, the average woman is a size 14. And below is what turns up as a size 16 in may still call this 'pretty damn big' but this looks gorgeous to me. Different people are attracted to different sizes. And that's okay!
  5. a petite bbw......

    I do think the nomenclature is rather confusing. There are no real clear-cut words for "in-betweenie" BBWs (someone not 'obese' but rather a size 16 or so). Got any ideas? I've heard the term "smaller BBW" but that seems confusing as well. Or "smaller fat". It's too bad there aren't many people willing to acknowledge that body size exists on a spectrum rather than black and white, 'fat' or 'thin'.
  6. Happy Halloween!

    I wish. Oh well--candy!!
  7. Wyoming or Ft. Collins

    Perhaps it's changed since I moved southward but I have fond memories of working in Fort Collins; it's MUCH better than Denver...the sheer glut of providers all jockeying for position (I am speaking of my experiences with BP, not EB) drives prices down and risk of LE/shadiness up; a rude awakening since I was used to better times in FoCo.
  8. Escorts, boyfriends, and sex

    Poking my head out from under my rock to leave this link here, as it directly relates to the OP's question and I wish I'd had this to give to my ex boyfriends (particularly the whorephobic one) though I wasn't an active sex worker while dating them. My take? Talk to her about it.
  9. Relationships and the business

    Excellent question. Here is a link you can send to your potential SO's so they can read advice from a man who is dating a sex worker. It's refreshing, considering how much I've been slut-shamed in the past for telling my bfs about my history.
  10. Sweeping generalizations, sweeping generalizations everywhere!
  11. "Ava" has gots to go!

    Darn, all I'm good for is coming up with fake band names. I wish you luck! I wouldn't mind changing my own stage name, myself.
  12. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape?

    Relevant article on Jezebel about the whole thing:
  13. Male massage for the ladies?

    Let me unpack that a little further for you 2Big, because you're right, but there's a point to be made here. The 'difference' is that the men in these situations (I am not saying all men everywhere) feel they are entitled to accessing women's bodies for sexual purposes, regardless of the boundaries that have been established by the women beforehand. This is something women put up with ALL THE TIME so you can imagine the profound annoyance in encountering it when you are in a vulnerable position (i.e. laying on a massage table just trying to relax for once).
  14. Question for the ladies.

    I'd definitely be hesitant about which bathroom to use...(assuming the rest of me remains feminine in appearance).