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  1. 411 on Karolina

    Karolina 239-326-5502 Colorado Companion Karolina is responsive on txt, I've found about 4 ads that look consistent, pics unique when searched with Google image. She appears to be associated with Eastern European / Russian providers that have been here before. Has the # i included but also a 720 # in some ads. Can't find reviews (which some ladies have a policy against that), no Twitter, IG, etc. Anyone seen this woman? Thx
  2. 411 on Beverly aka Tiffany Bella

    The plot thickens. I got a notification on a new add on slixa, Angela, and thought this gal looked like the before mentioned. Did a little looking and sure enough, same gal (links below) Looks like she's rebooting. Anyone gets a chance to meet her please message me, interested in hearing your experience but holding for now on my end.
  3. Beverly 786-408-3473 Colorado Companion Anyone seen this gal? She has gone by Tiffany Bella, I've seen enough in searches to believe she is legit but little out there in the way of reviews. Any help appreciated.
  4. 411 on Alessandra Fleur

    Just a follow-up, I met with her, pics are legit, very hot. Had a great time, hopefully she swings through again.
  5. Silvia Vogue 818-853-2887 Colorado Companion Anyone know this one? Search here and the usual boards and having a hard time locating reviews. Thx in advance.
  6. Alessandra Fleur 111-222-3333 Colorado Companion Anyone know this gal? She appears to be fairly new, coming to Denver this weekend being based in Las Vegas. I've searched everywhere finding 1 review with TER. Also did pic searches on google, she looks legit but like to have someone smarter than me weight in. Thx T-Head
  7. Congratulations, Denver

    Its the altitude, cyclist train here, runners train here, we are conditioned for stamina and you know, if you have stamina at something, you like doing it a whole lot more....I propose we make it a new Olympic sport to be unveiled when we finally decide to host Olympics But what to call the event...hummmm? Possibly the penis pole vault?
  8. I'm with pFunk on this one, its your safety and your choice to how you do business. That includes screening, rules, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable and safe. If I as a hobbyist don't like it, that is my problem not yours. And frankly someone who takes to criticizing you for their issues isn't worth your time and should find a new hobby.
  9. Loving the SoCal Life!

    Hello Alexis, great to see you here. Will have to check out Corona, I go to Santa Ana quite a bit for work, need to visit
  10. Hoping to see more activity develop on this site for California, I live in Colorado and travel to CA a lot on business, seeing more get involved on TOB would help myself but i'm sure also a lot of people like me who travel the great state of California. Not to mention those who live there, to an earlier comment, TOB is a great forum, my personal favorite but i'm bias I guess Spread the word!
  11. Thinking of visiting the area

    Agree DTC but also agree the north, Boulder or Broomfield area you would be welcomed. I also see a lot tour up in the resorts, Vail, Copper, etc.
  12. 411 on Piper-6830 in Denver

    Thanks to both of you! with her reviews I didn't check her pics, there is one other I think i want to look at there as well. Will keep researching.
  13. Piper (Piper-6830 profile on TOB) has been around a bit but not any recent reviews but what is there pretty positive. Anyone seen her recently? Thx T-Head
  14. Has anyone seen Zoey recently? She well reviewed through 2014 then nothing in 2015 which can't believe no one has seen her, please Let me know if you have, thanks! T-Head.
  15. Recommendations on Latina Provider

    Thank you! Not a P411 member but may have to be, a lot of these recommends I think are locked behind the P411 for members only. Hopefully this one isn't but again, thank you!