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  1. 411 on Kailee at STG

    Her flake factor is off the charts! Try to set up an incall at her Notel on west Colfax. She left me hanging once I got there and texted that I was at the appointed place. Steer clear!
  2. The Gift Card Girls

    I had the experience of getting one of those ladies on the text messaging admitting she was in an entirely different city (Dallas), when I told her I was 800 miles away(Denver), she just couldnt understand why I didnt want to send her $30 and head on over. hmmmmm
  3. TOB Blocking New Members?

    That explains why all the ladies have dozens and dozens of reviews and ladies with 1, 2 or a handful are as rare as hen's teeth.
  4. Vote

    Dont forget to breathe
  5. Colorado Companion Is this evidence of self reviewing or something else? thanks
  6. 411 Diana Rose

    Diana Rose 720-729-0506 Colorado Companion
  7. 411 on Sammy from stg?

    .I guess she took her ad(s) down. Oh well
  8. Sammy 719-401-5722 Colorado Companion
  9. Castle Rock ,Co

    You might want to look at Twiggy from STG. She lists a location in Castle Rock from which she does outcalls. I have seen her many times....
  10. WWIII?

    WWIII? You might want to change your news filters...
  11. Snow

    As Fog Hat suggests: Take it easy....
  12. Twiggy 720-306-9374 Colorado Companion Has anyone had the pleasure? I dont see any reviews...
  13. Maia-Lohi

    Never could figure out the "ban". Very attractive lady. I have seen her a few times. PM me if you wish.
  14. I've been getting a LOT of flakes lately...

    1. Whatever you do make sure you are a suckup (either via meaningless, carbon copy reviews or at least meaningless compliments on profiles) 2. Keep in mind that you dont get recognition, let alone brownie points, for using the word "flake"
  15. How about having the reviews click a box that ranks ladies by their flakiness? 1 being low flakiness, as in they are quick to respond to texts, meet their scheduled times, are NOT high or drunk during the session and appear to have some sense of intelligence. 10 would be the "just give me 5 more minutes" when you have to wait conspicuously long in a hotel parking lot, get bad directions, get blown off after driving across town, are met with a cluttered, filthy room with 3 days of fast food wrappers and over filled ashtrays. You get the picture.
  16. 411 on Gabriel from Eros

    I know I asked about her a few months back and I got a stern warning about her being part of Denver Ladies.... which is not a positive.
  17. Out of Action

    best of luck in your recovery!
  18. Suggest a new ranking in the info box: Flake Factor

    I merely made a suggestion. Don't want to accept that, then don't. So much angst... whew!
  19. Suggest a new ranking in the info box: Flake Factor

    I sure do love all the suggestions that I don't and didn't have any right or moral standing to suggest an addition to the review posts. Imagine the hypocrisy it takes to try to equate "moral authority" to make suggestions on a board of this type! Buehler? Buehler? I may take some of your suggestions and start posting reviews on a regular basis... Let me go practice.... She is better looking than her pictures......everything was done safely....we really connected....I want to keep her to myself, but now you clowns get to know how special she is....can't wait to see her the next time she is in town....I wont go into detail, but.... I must say that some reviews actually add information that I seek, but 90% are worthless praise...
  20. Suggest a new ranking in the info box: Flake Factor

    Well, I am not surprised by the responses to my suggestion in total. I got more name calling than serious consideration, but the top responses were generally characterized by the observation that my opinion, and thereby my suggestion for a Fritzie Flake Factor rating is unwanted, and shouldnt even be considered because I choose not to submit reviews myself. To those who chose to resort to name calling (specifically pfunk), I have only one thing to say : gfy.