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  1. Large Clitty

    gimmie, gimmie, gimmie...... thats all I hear around here!
  2. Musings of an old man

    OMG! Such drama. Flake factors can seem very high at times with some providers and Im sure the same can be said of potential customers. Taking it to the discussion board is probably a step too far, IMHO. Get to town, get online and endeavor to persevere til you strike gold.
  3. Elizamaine720 ???

    Well, there's only one way to find out, but that ain't gonna happen UNLESS she answers my txts
  4. Elizamaine720 ???

    Tried all week to reach this lady. She has one of those txt services, which must not be getting through or she thinks I am some sort of creep. Oh my! I guess we won't know if those pics are real until and unless she gets a review. But if her contact process doesn't improve, I doubt there will be much of a consumer base upon which to draw! So sad.
  5. Disappointment

    The Flake factor is high with this one Obe wan
  6. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Hey baby. Welcome
  7. Elizamaine720 ???

    Well, try as I might, I get no response from her txt number.(service). Her posts seem to be all after midnight. Oh well.
  8. 411 Logan_Grace-FAKE

    For closure, I sent a text to that number. The guy fired back at me with something like "I made my $20k from you suckers and now I move on to start with some fresh, fake pics"... Of course I did the quick math... 20,000 divided by $200 meant that after 100 incalls he/she rides into the sunset? That is IF he or she can sit in a saddle after all that! LMAO
  9. 411 Logan_Grace-FAKE

    Turns out they were fake pics. Imagine that if you will
  10. Elizamaine720 ???

    Not sure they are fake pics. Could be bad profile. If she ever gets back to me I know EXACTLY how to get to the truth;)
  11. Elizamaine720 ???

    I have reached out to her to clarify. I prefer to give new ladies the benefit of the doubt. If she hits me back I will report. Its just that with new ladies posting with no reviews, I get suspicious on one hand and curious on the other. Green eyes and B cups are right up my alley. LOL. If it truly is her, she is a real looker for sure. But as I said, its always a big IF.
  12. Fall Fun - Halloween Horror - Who likes Scary Movies?

    Creature from the Black Lagoon!
  13. Elizamaine720 ???

    Now the profile lists the correct eye color. And who says my complaints go unheard!?
  14. Elizamaine720 ???

    Eliza? 303-219-2873 Colorado Companion Okay, I am trying to be openminded and fair. But these one hit wonders always get me. Asked about the discrepancy between her pictures and her profile (eye color in particular) and she texted me that "oh, well, I just flew through that part of the questionaire" I mean what are the odds that the girl in the pic is the one that shows up for 300/hour... Someone TOFTT please.
  15. John McCain the man

    I dont like his politics. I never liked her persona. But what really irks me is that those speaking at his funeral turned what should have been the basic celebration of life into some sort of shooting gallery for the Never Trumpers. Shame Shame Shame (to put it in Gomer Pyle lingo) And lastly, Bad Boy, he was more of a RINO than a Republican.