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  1. 411 on Kailee at STG

    Her flake factor is off the charts! Try to set up an incall at her Notel on west Colfax. She left me hanging once I got there and texted that I was at the appointed place. Steer clear!
  2. The Gift Card Girls

    I had the experience of getting one of those ladies on the text messaging admitting she was in an entirely different city (Dallas), when I told her I was 800 miles away(Denver), she just couldnt understand why I didnt want to send her $30 and head on over. hmmmmm
  3. TOB Blocking New Members?

    That explains why all the ladies have dozens and dozens of reviews and ladies with 1, 2 or a handful are as rare as hen's teeth.
  4. Vote

    Dont forget to breathe
  5. 411 Diana Rose

    Diana Rose 720-729-0506 Colorado Companion
  6. 411 on Sammy from stg?

    .I guess she took her ad(s) down. Oh well
  7. Sammy 719-401-5722 Colorado Companion
  8. Castle Rock ,Co

    You might want to look at Twiggy from STG. She lists a location in Castle Rock from which she does outcalls. I have seen her many times....
  9. WWIII?

    WWIII? You might want to change your news filters...
  10. Snow

    As Fog Hat suggests: Take it easy....