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  1. anyone ?

    wow that link was to a review 10 years old..
  2. anyone ?

    Kasi Colorado Escort Not sure how to do the photo search thing to see if these pics are phony. Looks a bit TGTBT. Any help?
  3. Anastasia Bliss?

    That picture in her profile doesn't look anything like her! LMAO
  4. Anastasia Bliss?

    Anastasia Bliss 720-410-0254 Colorado Escort Anyone have any info on this hottie?
  5. Nicolette Marie or Hailey Bee?

    Cant go wrong with Haily Bee no matter what she calls herself. A real gem!
  6. simplyshannon 411

    years ago, saw her once. Pretty. I seem to remember the service was average. Funny what things you remember... she plays the guitar...
  7. 411 on Hailey Bee of 4 Seasons

    I saw her a couple weeks ago... "hot" is an understatement.... She is young, but dang, she is good.
  8. The Ultimate Body Rub...LOL

    One piece of advice for her: EDIT
  9. Backpage escort section gone

    Deplorables! Every damn one of you!
  10. Backpage escort section gone

    Why the need to pin this on a political party?
  11. 411 Leila Mannx

    Thanks for the tineye search. Not that I don't mind a lady using someone else's pics, but when I flat out asked her if those were her pics and she answered "yes", I figure its now time to move on.
  12. 411 Leila Mannx

    Kinda curious myself...hard to get a fix on her pics, posts, or service
  13. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Or one can just move on....