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  1. 411 on Sarah

    Some of us are not very good at Tineye searches.... Present company included
  2. ISO Casino Friends

    Now hold on there a darn minute! Now its a girls night?! I feel spurned. Ah heck, just let me know when you all are going and Ill meet you there! Daytime is better for me (if you all even care) Poor me....
  3. ISO Casino Friends

    Okay, lets schedule a day...
  4. ISO Casino Friends

    You get the suite, Ill bring some cash... I am always happy on the way up, and sad on the way down. Perhaps if we could mix in some funtime, i will always be happy on the way back
  5. I've had enough

    they were your words, not mine. "my location is in my title". Please dont call me Jesus unless you really mean it
  6. I've had enough

    Your location is "literally in my title"//// Really? Your title suggests Loveland. Your latest add suggests Colorado Springs, and Canon City, and Pueblo too.
  7. Any info on this hottie?

    thanks for those sobering comments gents...
  8. Any info on this hottie?

    I was hoping for a bit more info before stepping down that path... what do you think about the pics? real?
  9. Any info on this hottie?

    cassie? 720-422-4845 Colorado Escort I have been looking at this ad on bp. I texted her and she says all the pics are genuine. Looks like two different girls to me.... Outcalls only. I am hesitant but wondering if those of you with mad photo skills can ferret out the photo claim. thanks in advance
  10. Its a heartache, nothing but a heartache

    I was once told: "Cheer up! Things could be worse." So I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse! Good luck to you!
  11. Black Hawk Providers

    I often ask this question, but it seems that the best bet is to convince a west side or north side provider to meet you up there. I have had 0 success in finding one once I got there. I think the hotel security peeps keep a close eye out for professionals...
  12. Gabriel (303) 860-2896

    Thanks....saved me a disappointment
  13. Gabriel (303) 860-2896

    Gabriel BP 303-860-2896 Colorado Escort Anyone? Buehler? Looked and looked. Ready to toftt....
  14. HOBBYISTS: Team Downtown or Team DTC?

    I wish to choose West vs. DTC or Downtown, neither of which is convenient for me. How about Blackhawk? Now there is a good idea...
  15. After holidays motivation

    Could be a very common condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Look it up- Its real. Has to do with the shortness of the days. But I heard yesterday that we have added some 8 minutes of daylight since December 21st. Woo Hoo!