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  1. Ladies we have to do better

    Stop the "fuckery"!? Now that is some funny shit!
  2. Hooray 😃

    there must be some restrictions on the description of experience, nich var?
  3. 411 Ella Lilly Dane

    Me too, just couldnt put my finger in it...
  4. 411 on NikkiLikki

    Got to make sure we are getting what we want....
  5. Kennitay1234

    The flake factor is high with this one...
  6. Cassidy 411

    It appears that a number of outcall only, tgtbt ladies showed up in the last 24 hours... ah well.
  7. Cassidy 411

    damn! I figured so
  8. Cassidy 411

    Cassidychassity Colorado Companion Okay, sign me up boys. No reviews yet, but I'm officially intrigued. Anyone taken the plunge yet?
  9. Stormy Daniels

    I missed the Stormy Daniels appearance like I missed having a sore throat!
  10. Stormy Daniels

    MOnica was 18, not 25
  11. Stormy Daniels

    "BTW, she was in full compliance with the Nondisclosure Agreement for many years, until she was outed by the press and then was insulted by Trump." Yea, try telling that to the jury: I WAS in compliance until I wasnt! Being insulted does not invalidate your responsibility to comply....
  12. Stormy Daniels

    I actually think she is a POS. I wouldnt go see her if they paid ME! What kind of person signs a confidentiality agreement, takes the money that goes back on her written word for a technicality? No thanks, but to each his/own.
  13. Bored wanted to play..

    How about Bethod, Dacono and Lyons? LOL
  14. Was told not to bother old clients

    I hate crickets...just sayin
  15. Flake Filter?

    Ahhh, the old "market correction" disguised as government interference argument.... I have seen that somewhere else.....