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  1. Merry Christmas

    Amen !!!!!!!
  2. Why does anyone (man or woman) decide to get their nipples, labia, penis, or any other part pierced? Answer = Personal choice! I believe their reason is none pf my business.
  3. Seldom works.
  4. Title- thus is 1938

    REALLY???? Would you please explain to us simpletons how God gave us roads? (if anyone responds it should be a real hoot!)
  5. 411 on Sirena

    It's very likely she retired from the business for some reason. I suggest that you move along.
  6. Old School Ways

    Not to mention auto-correct deciding it knows what you are trying to text. I've had to learn not to press send until I re-read my text.
  7. Trying not to get your feelings hurt…

    Some people (not just men) do or say hurtful things for just one reason ... to get a reaction. The person who sent you that text succeeded in that quest. As mentioned above, the best response is no response or reaction. If there is no response to their unkind words, they don't get their rocks off and remain unsatisfied. Just continue to be who you are and be happy.
  8. Tantric Massage

    A quick search for reiki in the review section pulls up a couple of reiki providers.
  9. Anybody miss Trump yet?

    I absolutely miss Trump ... just like I miss the cancerous tumor that was removed from my kidney years ago.
  10. Just checking in

    I agree Alex! I make several trips from Colorado to the Midwest every year. Some areas have little to no boards and finding companionship can be difficult. When I do find a lady, I show her TOB and invite her to join.
  11. the things formerly known as UFO's

    Reminds me of a high school girlfriend.
  12. Inflation of donation !

    Yeah, I'm sure that would work. What could possibly go wrong?
  13. Add vs. Ad

    Fixed it for you BBB ...
  14. Vaccines are sexy!

    I started to picture a 3rd boob you you Gina ... but I was afraid my brain would explode!!
  15. Oh my God....not again....

    OK, if we can't ban guns, then lets just ban the ammunition and gunpowder. Or ban assault style weapons.. I'm not saying ban ALL guns. Oh hell no. But ban any and all assault type of guns. Why does anyone need them? I have never seen anyone use one for hunting, and I hunt a lot. Assault style guns were originally developed for the military and are for one purpose ... to kill people. Hence then name ASSAULT!! Flame away.