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  1. social/meet and greet?

    sorry for being rather scarce here. I don't come to CO (or Denver in particular) often enough to mix it up with y'all on a regular basis. Not sure if this is allowed here but I wanted to broach the subject of a Denver meet and greet or social. I co-hosted a meet and greet in Vegas last month and I was pondering if people around Denver wanted to gather together in a public venue to meet one another face to face and socialize. There's a few ideas I'm throwing around with some locals and I'd like to know what interest is out there before I put more effort into arranging a venue for this soiree. Let me know.
  2. So HomeAway was a big AirBNB competitor that was recently bought up by Expedia. They were an amalgamation of smaller rental sites that somehow were able to get all those listings together. Just another alternative to offer.
  3. Hopefully there's a few reviews here that you can link your profile to.
  4. I like the views from this series: http://woodrocket.com/videos/topless-girls-reading-books-pretty-ugly-2 FYI Woodrocket is a pretty cool site. Lots of interesting content there.
  5. I hear memory foam is better for sleeping than sex. Don't think I've encountered memory foam mattresses or toppers in a hotel yet.
  6. Grooming

    Just a slight tangent: do women like Chippendales, who shave their chest every day? Is that a hot look?
  7. I believe the next large Vegas meet and greet will be Jan 22, 2016. The organizers seem to be picking the Friday before the AVN award ceremonies (which is traditionally held on Saturday). There was some talk about a private event occurring on Thursday. I have no involvement in organizing these events so I really can't help out with any more information.
  8. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    It's probably more of a pain in the ass but having a non-smartphone burner phone is better than having your smartphone have some kind of spying app installed by your jealous wife/girlfriend or some investigator.
  9. "I will make it up to you"

    If giving a one time discount is a provider's way of making up for a faux pas she made (like cancelling or NCNS), I find it's an honest customer service touch if you're in position to take advantage of it. Unless she offers a service to you that she is not known for offering to anyone else, the words "I'll make it up to you" seem pretty hallow.
  10. And on the Sugar Baby front

    Mistress sounds about right. Since we're calling them sugarbaby, maybe it implies a woman that much younger than the sugardaddy.
  11. Popping The Question

    One of the choices when a provider posts an Available Now ad on P411 is to ask about the menu. Guess sending PMs back and forth to hash that out is OK.
  12. Of the verification services, P411 is my favorite. Some guys did get irked when the Canadian laws forced a change to the site but it's still an extremely useful site and great way of getting appointments setup almost anywhere you are.
  13. It's unreasonable but the only way to protect your privacy is staying off the grid.
  14. Plus size

    OK, is the question on finding a provider to do a couple (with the lady being plus sized)? Real easy to find a (reliable) provider that will see couples with a quick P411 search. If you have any game, you can try and find a random drunk tourist to join you. If you happen to pick a casino girl by accident, I think you should start backing off unless you feel she has good reviews somewhere. Talked to a guy that went to Vegas and couldn't use his room for outcall and ran into a couple casino girls while walking from casino to casino, asked if they were on ECCIE. First one had a no review on the first page and he passed. Second looked good and had a room in the casino they were in. He got super lucky if you ask me.
  15. Plus size

    what do you mean by data? Are you asking about finding other plus sized providers in Vegas that are willing to help out someone new to Vegas?