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  1. Feeling Like I'm Back !!

    Welcome back, sweetie. You were missed! 🌹
  2. Sex Addiction

    Sex is a healthful, life affirming activity. Perhaps the term, "sex addiction" could pertain to those who lose sight of their personal responsibilities through the pursuit of sex? Is your life out of control? No? Then you are just a normal, horny bastard like the rest of us. 😃 -RJ
  3. What do you do after the deed is done?

    If I may interject... the answer to this question might depend on... 1. The mood/attitude of the provider & her natural propensity/preference for it. 2. Same factors for the gent (I would love to be cuddled). 3. If you are engaged in stimulating conversation after the deed, it may take the place of cuddling as these are two different forms of intimacy, yet combining the two is perfectly okay. 4. The type of chemistry existing between provider & client. 5. On different days, all of the above conditions are subject to variability. -RJ ⚘
  4. Since We Went All Pussy & Stuff—-a feel good story

    Dropping off some shirts at the dry cleaner this past Saturday, the lady working the counter was discussing a transaction with a customer. While this customer was paying in cash there was a baby in the room, apparently the employee's toddler. As the customer walked out, the little boy mumbled something to me in baby talk as he handed me a $50 bill he had found. The mom, who was busy and had not yet helped me did not see her baby handing me the cash. I alerted the lady, who immediately ran after the gentlema . Luckily, she found the customer before he started his car. The customer got back the $50 he apparently dropped and I submitted my own dry cleaning, and then left with the satisfaction of having done a good deed. 😃
  5. Memorial Weekend

    I worked Friday night and also worked a children's charity event in Loveland Sunday (yesterday). Saturday and Monday are down days for recharging and reflection. -RJ
  6. Good People Where I Call Home

    For me, I try to limit myself to two glasses of Merlot or Malbec with food or up to two Jamesons (no soda pop added, just a splash of water on the rocks). On a super crazy night, maybe all of the above. But very infrequently.
  7. Out of Action

    JR, have a speedy recovery. Wishing all the best with your health and your return to the hobby! -RJ
  8. Any cool bar recommendations with live music?

    In DTC there's Baker Street Pub right off Belleview. They have live music and a patio. They feed the live music to the patio. The cuisine is bar food, okay if you don't mind that everything is prepared using Canola and vegetable oils like 99.99% of all restaurants.
  9. BBW Fantasy?

    Thanks, Mr. sb1212. Our second date will be tomorrow and our third will be on Friday when she accompanies me to NoCo. The texts, innuendo and sexy talk are escalating but tastefully. In no way would I initiate such a strange fetish request right off the bat before getting acquainted. All of the intermediary steps will be taken; nothing will be rushed. All will be savored. In a way I am almost sorry to have emphasized the foot thing because after all, it is a little weird. Probably not even possible. Tomorrow I will buy a bucket of arugula. -RJ
  10. BBW Fantasy?

    Thanks, Kali. ❤ I've been eating Keto (plenty of dark, leafy greens including arugula). Red macca root helps with male hormonal balancing, too. Although my testosterone is good and high at 1100, my estrogen was 3 times above normal for males. With blockers, it is coming down. I think the slump I am in may have been caused by diet. For 11 months I have been avoiding carbs, sugar and limiting alcohol. Dropped 80 pounds since I saw you last. & maybe it takes a bit more time for other issues to balance out. Have a great day! -RJ
  11. BBW Fantasy?

    Thank you Ms Kali and daaacz (and others) for your kind responses. An interesting thing I'd like to share. Things are heating up quickly with my BBW lady friend. As she has sent me a text greeting yesterday morning, I wanted to be first to do so today. She has asked me to call her last night but I was busy with a music practice until 10:30 and could not. Asked her how she slept last night. Her response... "Good morning. Slept like a rock if I guess rocks sleep. They must cuz I never hear from them. Anyhoo...busier than a one legged man at an a**kicking contest. I too am soooo looking forward to seeing you again💜" Foot reference. I just thought it was interesting. Not that it means anything, other than the universe having a wry sense of humor. : ) -RJ
  12. BBW Fantasy?

    Thank you BigBaldBlk, I've seen weirder sh*t here also. Interesting, how a board based on the *cough-cough* companionship trade... LOL can display such a level of understanding one minute and then gang up like a pack of chihuahuas when... business is slow? Or some statements are perceived as... immoral... wrong... edgy... unconventional... outside the box... smutty... bad... etc. I really do get a kick out of rattling cages & observing certain blatant hypocrisies afoot. 🦶 -RJ
  13. BBW Fantasy?

    Wow, daaacz, sir, you are a gentleman - Yours is the most well thought out response hands down. Most assuredly, this lady is going to be treated with immense respect, I can guarantee it. True, a petite woman may be okay with fisting while a larger, tall BBW may be physically unable to handle it. Of course, the lady in question is going to determine what happens in this situation. Furthermore, it is unknown whether or not I will even have the courage to suggest these sordid fetishes at all, to be frank. All I really know is... that with those voluptuous Volkswagen sized ta-tas, I am going to do everything in my power to make her comfortable & not have too many regrets about sharing her luscious body with me. Not to sound superficial here, but I have had sexual partners who were not as well endowed in this area, though larger elsewhere. If a lady is going to be a BBW, I feel that enormous lovely breasts tend to offer the best mitigation for this (in my limited, myopic 'guy's' view of the world). My apologies to any and all whom I have offended with my heavy handed approach to these issues, inasmuch as these things tend to have a firm foothold within the companionship industry in general. But in my case, this is simply another civilian endeavor, albeit the most exciting to date. -RJ
  14. BBW Fantasy?

    Well, I guess I really put my foot squarely in my own mouth here, huh?
  15. BBW Fantasy?

    I wasn't thinking on my feet. Thanks Lacy, once I've done all of the leg work, I will let you know how things shake out. 😄 -RJ