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  1. Confused...

    Yes...I generally only use this platform when visiting the area. Thank you for being kind ❤️
  2. Confused...

    YES ! WHOOPS that is EXACTLY what I meant ! the share sorry about the confusion on my part. Ok I will definatly do that the next time it occurs for me. Thank you for correcting me on that ! hehe I apologize
  3. Confused...

    oh I let it go already haha I was just curious.
  4. Confused...

    He is not claiming to know me...he is attempting to book with me for the first time.
  5. Confused...

    I know what you mean, but I never met this client and wasn't trying to give/accept any reference. what I am trying to say is I am trying to verify a new potential client by him Sharing his profile so that way I can check out HIS references from previous encounter to ensure he is safe to book with. He tells me he shared his profile....I get a text message from tob saying he shared his profile by when I go to my shared profile list his handle name is no where in the list.....
  6. Confused...

    Glad I am not alone in this boat !
  7. Confused...

    @Kali Sensual Reiki the client did pm me as well, I tried to see his references but still nothing....really strange
  8. Confused...

    Hey guys ! I asked someone to share their profile with me (even got the text message saying he shared the profile with me). I proceeded to go to my profile list to check out their profile but the I do I can not find the handle name at all ,then I will go to the profile and still not able to see the clients I doing something wrong? Just has happened in the past but I feel the client is getting slightly impatient (or maybe doesn't believe I am not seeing it on my end saying he has sent it 3 times) Any advice/suggestions would greatly appreciate it.
  9. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    well, after you texting me a little bit I know ah but never knew before this. Interesting how no one else has ever told me before. Now I wonder....
  10. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    Personally never experienced this. I am not sure if anyone has noticed me in public because no one has ever came up to me. Blurring my face helps with public outings. The only clients who would recognize me are clients who have actually met me.
  11. Deposits

    I have had to return a couple deposits due to myself not being able to keep appointment and clients are really shocked. I have had guys who refuse to do and I have had others send the ENTIRE donation days in advance. Also, the max I take is 25$. I feel that is a reasonable amount...If I get a flake/NS than I require a deposit to book me again in the future
  12. Daylight Saving Time

    That is literally the best !
  13. Daylight Saving Time

    So cuuuute 😍
  14. What is your Zodiac Sign ?

  15. TOB Members Don't Be Assholes to Providers

    Totally agree ! I wish some gents were not so rude....especially making asshole comments