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  1. Bad review?

    Thank you for all the advice. He has reviews and refrences wasn’t sure if I could post his handle on this forum or not wasn’t looking for any drama. Again thank you so much for the information. If he proceeds to put a negative review I will address it again. Im not into bullies either. I was offended and wasn’t allowed to rebuttal but he can threaten a bad review ? So silly
  2. Bad review?

    We never even met. He just threatened a bad review because I was offended he asked me a question about something It clearly states do not offer on my ad.
  3. Bad review?

    A hobbyist says he is going to write a bad review because I do not provide something that states clearly in my ad..... like what? Lol im offended I was asked something that is clearly on my ad ...and now I’m being threatened a bad review for it? What do some suggest you do in in such situations ?
  4. Its been too long....

    thank you for being such a awesome gentleman. 🌹
  5. Its been too long....

    Also if I might add I am from/raised in the South and went to school in California. so I’m very laid back. So you are very correct , some guys know nothing about me and prejudge. Low balling and flaking is not considered “laid back” in my personal opinion.
  6. Its been too long....

    Thanks for taming the time to check out my profile Sheesh guess being flaked on tons of times isn’t really a big deal in denver. I for one like to keep my appointments. I was frustrated (a year ago) i do travel , all states are different. I get that but as a human being frustration is a natural thing. This time around has been very great ! but thank you for the feed back I appreciate it very much. Hope le you have a great day !
  7. Its been too long....

    Thanks babe 😘
  8. Its been too long....

  9. Its been too long....

    The view Makes up for it ! But thanks for understanding 😊
  10. Its been too long....

    I meant the snow, Wilderness, food & seeing baby deers randomly is so cool ! Don’t get to see that much in San Francisco’s but no wounds to heal 😊 but hey thanks for your comment. Enjoy your night 🌹
  11. Its been too long....

    Thanks babe 🌹
  12. Its been too long....

    TOTALLLLY AGREE ! It’s so beautiful.
  13. Its been too long....

    Not sure what you mean hun
  14. Its been too long....

    Since I’ve been in Colorado, I missed it 😊
  15. Guess I won't come to Denver Co

    Thanks 😁