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  1. NS refugees

    I am/was well reviewed from NS and sad to see it go ):
  2. do you think....

    when I joined yes I was required to be verified by d.l and a whole other set of loop just to prove I was me even uu blurred photos...for awhile till I got established. also took a client to first recommend me then I had to jump through hoops. but I enjoy the website. very safe I heard they really screen well when it comes to clients. we will see what they decide to do...I just know they emailed me saying they were not shutting down any time soon...but the law is the law. I heard they are not even accepting new clients to register....but I'm not sure how true that is either....
  3. do you think....

    very true...I just hate the thought of traveling to a entire new state and something go wrong..ive got a few gents waiting but I'm just sad I might have to limit my out of state visits ):
  4. do you think....

    very true, it hit California so fast. and seems like P411 is the ONLY ones claiming that they won't be shutting down but who honestly knows ):
  5. do you think....

    very true ! it won't have much effect when I go to California but I love to travel ):
  6. do you think....

    my fingers are most definitely crossed...have not been on TOB for I was just so curious
  7. do you think....

    but in California it was based in Colombia and they shut down first...just not that many folks are familiar unless you travel.
  8. do you think....

    I was on a really popular website in California very similar to TOB and march 27th they shut down.... so I mean doom and gloom sure came for our LARGE community very SIMILAR to TOB....I am visiting and don't want to waste my time and money, and I'm just shocked TOB is still standing. thats al.l I am not very well known in this community and so happy to travel to Colorado and sad that I might not be able to meet gents so I do apologize if you feel my thread bothered you..
  9. wooohooo !

    aweee ): that sounds no does get cold. the snow can be so uncomfortable especially if you have to be in it for 8hrs ! hats off to you good sir !
  10. do you think....

    TOB will last the rest of the week?
  11. wooohooo !

    Sounds all over the place lol I guess ill have to pack all sorts of different outfits lol (: thank you love for the information !
  12. wooohooo !

    so how the weather now in Colorado ? last time was out there was pretty cold...hoping for a little sunshine (:
  13. Let's Talk About Switter

    everyone follow me...desktop version I found to be so easy to navigate but I'm still unsure of how successful it has been...since I'm currently not in California. @jenna_james
  14. Let's Talk About Switter

    so switter started big time in California our amazing site went down long ago...unfortunately. seems this one has stayed up for awhile but I got a P411 message saying they will NOT be shutting down and as far as I know Eros is still up....hmmm should be very interesting. a lot of my switter friends are from California because I had nothing else to gasp for ): its weird but at least a form to advertise at being on P411 I just hope they stay alive which does not good in California
  15. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    they already shut down a website that was really population site (similar to TOB) in California ): It is pretty sad.