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  1. Stood up too many times

    The frustrating part is that I dont even get an explanation, maybe i dont deserve one I dont know. But i just get a message saying "sorry I have to cancel" no offer to reschedule or just complete quite on their end. I think youre right though, maybe I need to invest in a new hobby. Thanks for reply!
  2. Stood up too many times

    There actual confirmed appointments, 2 cancelled 1hr hour before said appointments and 1 went completely quite when I was ready to head to the appointment. Even after confirming 2 hours before our scheduled time. I think my approach is fine because Im able to contact and set up dates.
  3. Stood up too many times

    So Ive been a member of the board for a couple years now. This is the first time Ive put anything out in the forum but I just wanted to speak my mind and hope yall dont mind my rant. Ive met some incredible women and Ive had lots of fun. The last 3 providers I have tried to schedule an appointment with have either cancelled or ignored me when I try to meet for scheduled rendezvous. I wont mention any names and Im not about to write bad reviews because they are reputable providers. I know things happen and I know this line of work can be tricky its just that I get no explanation as to why these cancellations have occured. Im beginning to think its me and my bad luck. It really makes it difficult to wanna try again. Its not easy for me to step out of my comfort zone and it takes alot of courage on my end to reach out to all you beautiful women here on the board. I get worked up and excited when I have an oppurtunity to spend time with a beatiful woman and to be ignored or cancelled on is a huge downer. Anyway....I think this may be it for me in the hobby. Thank you to all the great women of this board who were willing to spend some time with me!! Be safe and have fun!
  4. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    Northsider here, Ive met some pretty awesome women in the Westy Broomfield Arvada area. Trying to get down to DTC from up north is quite a trip. I have done it several times and found that I not quite the same guy after sitting in a car for an hour. I perfer to book appts with Northside women just based on simple convience. Glad to hear that the great women on this Board Appreciate men from the North!!