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  1. How busy are you????

    Exactly, it is always the lady's choice. Some guy like 2 hrs old sent me a pm asking for services and rates of a good friend. That one really pissed me off, it is always always up to the lady what she offers and accepts. DID I MENTION ALWAYS
  2. Hose and Heels?

    I get ya, I'm not tall and I like tall girls so heels are good for me as well.
  3. That is a great point, my atf is my atf because the first time I saw her she was so hot I didn't make it very long. But she cuddled up next to me and we talked and made out. Now we talk all the time and when she is in town we hang out and have a lot of fun together. You find a YL like that, well I think you hit the jack pot. I GRT the best of both worlds now, a hot girl that likes to hangout, chat and play naked. 😉
  4. Post Your Funnies

    Omg..... I need help.... lol
  5. Stood up twice in one day

    I have to agree here, my free time is very limited and a ncns by a provider really sucks. And you are either scrambling looking for another lady or going home in a bad mood. I have had things come up with work that have caused me to have to cancel, but you can bet your ass I let them know right away. Cause I want the choice to try to see her again in the future. I had one girl no show me, and I say girl not lady cause her excuse was she fell asleep, set an alarm. Well I think that is pretty crappy on her part as well. But at least she let me know later on.
  6. Someone I Used To Know

    That is funny, I also have a regular gal that her body type reminds me of my wife when we were younger. It also is fun to relive those days. 🙄
  7. I have had a couple of times that something has come up on my end that prevents me from keeping our arranged time together but do my best to let them know well in advance. I do feel bad about it because I know I may have taken a time slot that may now be unused. I have been on the reverse of that as well, but not notified at the time. I would say I have been lucky and they have contacted me later on and explained the reason and have all been cool about rescheduling and very nice and friendly about it. I would say that it is best to wait and see if the provider responds within a day, before letting the dogs lose on her reputation. I also think that if we as client are kind and sincere about not being able to make the arranged time, the lady wiould be understanding as well. Just my 2cents, have a good one.
  8. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    This is so correct, we all have a reason we hobby. I am a very busy guy and the ladies I see are because we have a mutual agreement, right need/need fulfilled. It would be super hard to explain to my colleagues if a lady came up to me and started talking to me about the last time we were together. Sorry that happened Amber, I know you and I live in the same relative area of town and I have wondered if we would end up bumping into each other? But I don't worry about it cause you are cool and chill and would never put us in that situation nor would I. Hope things work out for the best.