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  1. If TOB shuts down right now...

    How can a woman bleed for 7 straight days and not die....
  2. Deal killers and the opposite

    Deal killer too many tattoos.....I am back in the game if she has a pussy....makes me forget about the tattoos.
  3. Kate Lynn Is she legit?

    Ok thanks to everyone who has replied to this topic. I have not received any private messages regarding Kate ...I guess nobody on here has met her....or maybe she is so good that they want to keep her to themselves. Her pictures intrigue me but without more information I just can't pull the trigger with only one review. Thanks again for responses.
  4. Kate Lynn Is she legit?

    I agree but am looking to see if I can find out more about her service. Thank you!
  5. Kate Lynn Is she legit?

    Kate Lynn Colorado Escort Was thinking about pulling the trigger but she only has one review. If you have seen her and can send me a message about experience I would appreciate it. Some of those pictures are pretty hot...but do not trust one review.
  6. What Happened to her

    Autumn Anderson Colorado Escort What happened to this young lady? I miss seeing her and would love to know if she has retired.
  7. Nicolette Marie or Hailey Bee?

    I am close to pulling the plug with Nicolette but now that I know she is Hailey B I am reluctant. Hailey B did not have great reviews on TER but Nicolette has many positive reviews here. Please help me out with a PM if you have any information on this. Is Nicolette the same as Hailey B and how is the visit? Thanks in advance
  8. Christmas Present

    thanks you for the responses and advice!
  9. Christmas Present

    I am going to give myself a Christmas present this year. Never been with two women at same time and I am 50 years old. Please send me recommendations on petite providers that offer this. Thank you in advance.
  10. FC Friendly

    Thank you everyone for the responses.
  11. FC Friendly

    Some Providers offer FC Friendly. Is it really better and is it safe?
  12. falling in love with an overseas provider ?

    Shit i would be done in 2 1/2 minutes.
  13. Does it make a difference?

    Sophia I agree with you.
  14. Does it make a difference?

    I would be pissed if i found our after the fact. i too would want a woman who was born a woman. i would hate to find out that i can't tell the difference between a woman and a shim.
  15. P411 Question

    thank you everyone for your help. In this case i did call the agency first regarding possibly setting up an appointment. They told me to send in a P411 request in which i immediately did. A week later and no response from them. I do have enough provider ok's where this should not have been an issue. I will call them back again and if there is an issue i will kindly move on.