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  1. Mile High

    No..Mile High Maddy.. (303) 884-6312
  2. Mile High

    Mile High Maddy Colorado Companion Anyone know if she is still around? I have not seen her post in quite some time...
  3. 411 on Tiffany Bella Tryst

    My gawd....what a smokeshow!
  4. Favorite Female Body Pary

    A beautiful face gets me going better than any other body part...
  5. Question for providers as well as gents.

    I prefer BBBJ....Tend to steer away from CBJ ladies.
  6. Grooming preferences

  7. The Tale of B.A.S.

    Dude...why did you steal my
  8. Info on Christina Westbrook
  9. Info on Christina Westbrook

    Christina Westbrook I think this young lady looks amazing but I cannot find anything on her... If you have seen her please pm me some information....Is she legit? thank you in advance!
  10. 411 ZaraHadid

    Dude really? She has multiple reviews on TER and most reviewers have multiple reviews...What are you asking for here? And you say that is limited info? Your answers are in the links you posted...go see her
  11. Anyone Know Angie

    Thank you Gina! There are a few girls on Euros like that...not worth taking a chance if you ask me....and then they want you to send them photo id for verification....
  12. Angie 720-791-4828 Colorado Companion Anyone see this beautiful lady? would love to meet her but just not sure. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thirty minutes is good enough !

    Jenine I am sorry but have you seen your photos? You are a beautiful lady....1/2 an hour would not be enough time...
  14. 411 on Adrianne Belle

    I actually am interested as well...please pm me as well with any information. Her pics are HOT! I had an appointment scheduled and she cancelled the day of...I had plenty of notice from her. I know she has two reviews on TER.... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Arianna Colorado Companion Anyone have any information on this lady. ARIANNA / Arianna P176557 She is posting on P411, no phone number provided but looks to be from New York. Photos look great and would love to meet her....when I reached out on P411 she still wanted photo of Drivers License, place of work and everything short of my bank account numbers....even though I have over 30 oks... She has also changed names a few times..... Would love to meet her but...