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  1. Fuck Me and Make Me Happy

    That is BS....she is not 185 in those pictures...
  2. Anyone have information on Kymber

    Kymber Colorado Companion Kymber (P20993) thinking of setting something up but since there are no reviews....please help thank you in advance
  3. Who would you bring back?

    Autumn Anderson.....
  4. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    Those ads are "$xxx for me to show up, everything else is extra". What Geezer said
  5. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    I was scammed in Vegas using careful with them. Stick to P411 in Vegas
  6. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    I called a well known provider on here Sweetheart and she cancelled our appointment...says I was being disrespectful....She did me a favor.
  7. Have you evee felt?

    Remember one thing....the problems you have today, in time will be irrelevant in your life. Keep fighting day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and second to second. Don't ever give up. Things always have a way of getting better.
  8. 411 Jayden

    Thank you New2!! looks like some great reviews....
  9. Infatuation…

    Actually for me if it is just a physical thing I cannot get in to matter how physically attractive a woman is. If I contact a lady on P411 and she contacts me back and is straight to the point I rarely will book with if she responds in a way that shows she is not a robot or it is not just a transaction than I am interested...
  10. 411 Jayden

    Jayden Colorado Companion I have seen her adds for a while and her rates are up there but I think she is smoking hot. Anybody that has seen her that could give me some information on her I would really appreciate.
  11. EROS Jessica Hamilton

    I do not trust EROS...Met a EROS Verified provider in Vegas and was a huge scam.
  12. 411 Ella Lilly Dane

    She looks HOT! Please PM me and let me know your thoughts of the experience. I am looking to possibly set something up. thank you in advance!
  13. If TOB shuts down right now...

    How can a woman bleed for 7 straight days and not die....
  14. Deal killers and the opposite

    Deal killer too many tattoos.....I am back in the game if she has a pussy....makes me forget about the tattoos.
  15. Kate Lynn Is she legit?

    Ok thanks to everyone who has replied to this topic. I have not received any private messages regarding Kate ...I guess nobody on here has met her....or maybe she is so good that they want to keep her to themselves. Her pictures intrigue me but without more information I just can't pull the trigger with only one review. Thanks again for responses.