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  1. I sympathize being in a remote location and looking... best bet is to go to where the ladies are at. Get an incall in a happening metropolis. Meet and see a provider you like in her area, first. Build a bit of rapport before asking her to drive into the woods to see you. Two way street
  2. Unpopular opinions :)

    Yes, tongue tickling, and mouth massage. God bless those ladies talented in those arenas!
  3. Unpopular opinions :)

    Jos: nice thread! Kudos to starting an interesting conversation. I think your uo makes a lot of sense. Don’t think it’s controversial, maybe just nuanced (and optimistic). Appreciate your empathy. As for my unpopular opinion, deep-throat is not a pleasurable experience. Jamming a hard penis into a woman’s esophagus is just an exercise in a “square peg in round hole” lesson: it doesn’t fit. Hard to see how gagging and hard corners are fun for anyone.
  4. 411 on Bexley Jade

    Bexley Jade 720-800-4098 Colorado Companion Just wondering if any gents have visited this lady...
  5. 411 on Laylalovely

    I’ve seen her (twice, actually). It’s probably been about a month to six weeks. Fantastic both times, didn’t see any discrepancies between her pics and rw appearance. Sweet, fun, sexy voice. Would like to see her again but haven’t been able to reconnect with her recently. Sigh. If you get the chance I do recommend seeing her.
  6. Monica (tryst)

    Thanks. Could have seen it coming. Toftt. Heavy up sell. Saw her, left disappointed
  7. Monica (tryst)

    Monica 385-405-3414 Colorado Companion Have any gents seen this vixen? She looks lovely, almost tgtbt Any feedback appreciated
  8. Hats

    I associate hats with work/function. My forehead started growing in my early 20’s. Took a bit to accept, then leaned in and shaved the whole dome. Hats became crucial to protect from my scalp from the sun and bumping/banging my head on obstacles. Tilley Outback hat for hiking, boating and kayaking, straw fedora for stepping out sharp and listening to Latin music, merino wool beanie for cold weather, wool driver’s cap for coffee shops and bookstores... I’ve learned hats are man accessories!
  9. 411 on Jade

    Yeah, listing history seemed vague, questionable. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. 411 on Jade

    Jade Colorado Companion Hello, all. Just wondering if anyone has seen this lady in person. I believe I saw her listing on TOB a while(a year + or so ago)... her pics always intrigued me. Anyone take a plunge with her?
  11. OP: props for opening up about your kink, but expecting that every time puts (way) too much on a random provider. Do research and “field work” and look for a nympho or build a relationship with a comfortable lady. Your kink seems more about power dynamics: maybe explore dominant/submissive sexual relationships in the hobby, with a therapist or through reading/introspection...?
  12. 411 on providers near Flagstaff (northern AZ)

    Good suggestion. Thanks.
  13. Colorado Companion Howdy. Having recently left the cozy confines of CO, wondering if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or leads to connect with lovely ladies based out of Flagstaff or northern AZ? Would love to meet someone from the TOB community down here... thanks
  14. No Love for AA?

    No easy answer, as this topic had come up before, (wait, there is an easy answer: research, reach out, and see someone to whom your skin tone isn’t an issue). Megan hit it on the head: mutual levels of comfort make for much better times. To para-phrase RS, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try... you’ll get what you need.” Truth! Don’t bother wasting hers or your time if her preference is right out there... And don’t take it personally. Lots (and lots) of lovely ladies here with an abundance of generosity and lack of judgement. Based on my experience, you’ll find more than enough of fun times and good people.
  15. 411 on Sweet Candy Rose - Banned

    Saw same pics in another profile (now banned) a month or so ago. Wouldn’t waste my time 720-306-9374