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  1. You know what can make you feel really unwanted and alone. Posting a casual encounters ad to craigslist and not even getting a response from the spam bots. When did the computer programs get so smart that they could sniff out me in all my sad glory. And yeah, I know why post on CL when we have all the ladies here. As a "born again" newbie I'm a little shy on references so it's not so easy. But still, come on spam bots, give me a shot!!!!
  2. Do escorts drink bud light?

    And once again G3 is the voice of wisdom. She left before I had a chance. Which is just as well as I realized as I got back to my room I had my shirt on inside out. I am such a dork.
  3. Do escorts drink bud light?

    Sitting in my hotel bar here in the dtc and the girl across the bar is sitting alone but drinking a bud light. Doesn't seem like a typical drink for the gals but I'm hoping. Maybe she'll read this if it's her.
  4. ISO Hippie Girl

    Have just been thinking about going to the Phish concert last summer and enjoying the views of all those hippie girls. Do any of you gals identify as a Phish/Dead hippie girl? Any gals that you guys suggest? Any replies to this post or PM's would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. I'm not trying to sell them here. But I'd like to get rid of them. They've brought me such joy thru the years it doesn't feel right to just throw them away. And I know I'm not going to get rich from them. I just want them to go to a good home. But in this day and age is there any good home for them anymore?
  6. Introduction, and help needed

    But two hot ladies, no matter what that could be a great time. But again, the first time can be pretty rough. But two hot ladies!?!?!?!? I'd take a look at the pics and make a list of 5 who's pictures stir something deep within you or at least between your legs. I'd then look at the reviews of those 5 and remove anybody that has something in there that gives you pause. And then call or write the gals left on your list and see if they can meet you. Maybe they'll have a lady friend hanging around that night that's bored. I keep hoping that will happen, it never does. Sexy ladies never seem to get bored.
  7. Who's backside would fit

    Hey, I know there are all kinds of preferences when it comes to asses. As I watch the Pack get spanked tonight I came across a tumblr called Greatest Ass on Earth. That site pretty much represents my favorite kind of ass. So wondering guys, what gals around here would you suggest for this site?
  8. Can anyone recommend a truly Ebony provider?

    I think she maybe comes up here once a year but I've seen Layla Angelique down in Texas a couple of times and couldn't recommend her more. Not sure when she'll be in Denver again but worth keeping an eye our for in my opinion.
  9. Is it ever too much

    I need a breathalyzer on my computer. I get lonely and horny and drunk and come on here. Then I see these beautiful women that in real life would never even speak to me. And if I can be with any of them. Although usually by the time I've worked myself up to call somebody I'm too drunk to drive anywhere. But a more sober self now thinking about this. I think the point I was getting at is just that this is possible at all and how that can warp my sense of reality to a degree. That I can see a lady on the street that I find attractive and although I can't have her, I can come here and find a lady I found just as attractive and her I could have. Just the idea of that this is a fantasy world that I can make real. I think I mention the money in part because my spendthrift ways go a long way towards me not participating that much. Well that and the not wanting to drink and drive and relative lack of girls that don't charge extra for outcall. But I can see where if I was freer with my money or lived in the middle of the DTC that this would be so easy to get out of hand. I've been that dorky ugly guy all my life and I've always way overvalued getting any sort of attention from a pretty girl. And here I can get it and thats a powerful sort of drug. I can just see where it'd be easy to get out of hand on here. It's not for me but I can see it. I need to get out more.
  10. Is it ever too much

    I totally understand that this is totally a first world problem. And even beyond that it's a guys in the upper half of the first world problem. So as far as issues go it's extremely lame. But all the same I'm going to whine. I guess thankfully I'm not super rich as my bank account is the only thing that gives me any impulse control. You walk into a store or restaurant and see a woman that gets your juices flowing. And now I know that I can get on here and find a gal that's as attractive or better, and she'll let me touch her and more! How fucking awesome is that? But there are times where it gets frustrating because that bank account won't let me. Or more accurately I've got the money in the bank, just my spendthrift ways don't allow me to give into my impulses. Then I have arguments with myself that result in me finally trying to meet somebody but not until it's too late at night. Anyway, I guess the point I'm getting at is how interesting a psychological effect this opportunity can have on me. The knowledge that for a few dollars I can have intimate contact with a beautiful woman who in real life wouldn't even see me walk by her. Sorry for the TLDR. I was trying to express something I was unsuccessful at. I'm going to hit submit anyway
  11. craving DATY

    I've been trying to think of a way to build like a bunk bed contraption. Have one girl on the top bunk that you could go down on and another girl on the bottom bunk that you could fuck. I love going down on a woman but sometimes I want more and dry humping the mattress just isn't enough. I know I can just lay down and have them both straddle me but you lose some of the control then, more like they are doing it to you instead of you to them. Although i suppose I should try to get the two women first before I worry about building some purpose built bunk bed
  12. That all makes sense. I guess I was thinking that it'd be a wash between the cost of a hotel room and the cost of time and gas to make it to an outcall location. As I think further if you've got a dedicated incall place it's definitely an added cost for the gal to make an outcall appointment. Outcall is really only a cheaper option if you're renting a hotel room. I often ask stupid questions.
  13. Hey, Been curious about pricing on outcall versus incall. Seems the standard is for outcall to be priced higher. But at first glance to me it seems like the outcall rates would be lower considering it negates the need for the gal to either pay rent for a hotel or secure a hotel room. I see the increased safety feeling for the gal to be in her own place. And it's less hassle for them to not have to drive somewhere. Is there some other cost factor that I'm not thinking of that would result in higher outcall costs? Is the demand greater for outcall and thus command more? (seems unlikely). Anyway, just curious as to the reasons.
  14. Amy Taylor

    I'm curious how she gets to the point that she can ask for those rates. I'm not questioning the rates themselves but how do you get there. It's not like a job working for a corporation where you get promoted. Or being a college athlete and you get drafted to the pros. She's clearly a beautiful woman with a great body. But there are many gals like that with lower rates. Again, want to emphasize that I've got no problem with the rate. Just really curious about the process to get there. I assume you get there by starting with a high dollar agency so maybe I answered my own question. Although then I wonder how do you get to the agency. Do all those agencies get together and hold a draft. Get's me thinking of a combine like the NFL has.
  15. At least it feels semi annual, know it's definitely been unfulfilled. Just wondering if any of the gals with cheerleader type bodies are dressing up as cheerleaders for Halloween? Your natural pom pom's will work for me, no need to add them to your costume.