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  1. Script or no Script?

    My experience has been, at least here and in Boston, there are a noticeable amount who do have a "script". Not the majority, but definitely noticeable. Personally, i am not a fan. I much prefer things to progress naturally. Being ordered around makes me feel like an object insteas of a human. Not so much my jam.
  2. Reference aging

    I have a rule that after one year, i no longer vouch for you on private reference requests. My reason for that is simple, people change and if it's been over a year, how am i supposed to vouch with certainty that you are safe? It's my reputation on the line with other women. I also only accept references within a certain timeframe from gentlemen for the same reason. I have found this is fairly common, at least in salt lake city. My p411 okays stay on profiles, as do my okays on board sites, but i won't vouch privately if over a year
  3. Accepted age difference?

    This exactly. It's whatever the individual is comfortable with. I second everything in this post
  4. Who would you bring back?

    Not known here, but the woman who introduced me to this hobby world! She worked on the East Coast, specifically New Jersey. Her name was Jennifer Taylor. Stunning. She was a dead ringer for Jennifer Connelly facially. About 5'3, long dark curly hair, small breasts, pale skin and freckles. More importantly, she was incredibly smart, put together and funny. We did duos for a while together. We still keep in touch. She's married now and has since moved on, but she was something else.
  5. Spicy or sweet?

    Food? Spicy. All day every day. People? Sweet
  6. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Genavive jolie. I knew her irl and she was STUNNING and smart af