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  1. Want a better retirement?

    I’ve been following this thread with great amusement but $1.6 million is in reality not a lot of money.
  2. 411 on P411

    I didn’t renew my P411 last year between traveling quite often out of Denver and having relatively decent luck on Tryst and TER. However I recently had two consecutive lousy experiences (deposit scams ) and neither site seemed interested in feedback. I felt like 411 was fairly proactive In the past so maybe time to return. Just curious what others have experienced with P411 lately. FWIW when I’m back here TOB works great with the local gals.
  3. There’s something fishy with this listing and no way (in my opinion) those are the same women. After looking at it a few minutes I recognized that picture on the right as Sabrina who has a different email and phone number and also a P411 listing. Which begs the question if Stormy is Sabrina why is there no P411 listed? Dunno
  4. The One That Got Away

    I got myself involved in a really complicated (pregnancy, her being married (( it’s a very long story)) relationship with a woman many years ago that didn’t end well. A lot of it was my fault probably with commitment but she burned me pretty bad as well during the end days. I always wonder what would have happened if we went down the road a little more in synch but then again in retrospect she lied to me quite a bit. But god damn what a hook she put in me which I’ll probably carry to my end days. Anyway fast forward to recent times I heard she had cancer which absolutely crushed me even though we haven’t spoken since the break up. Definitely one that got away. I always found it hard to believe when the truth came out the husband stayed with her and I’m not even sure if it’s his kid which is a hard one to grasp as well. The song “Go your own way” by Fleetwood Mac will always remind me of her and I.
  5. How to avoid the "Plus Tips" scam

    Post a review. These scam artists need to be outed.
  6. Favorite Female Body Pary

    Her mind. Technically not a body part but still….
  7. Strap-on Pegging

    You had better luck than I did. I tried seeing her for a massage with 16 references and 32 reviews on here as well as two very recent provider references she responded I couldn’t provide enough references to verify. Huh? Anyway, she has been banned on TOB so maybe it was for the best. Oh well…. plenty of fine women to spend my dollars with.
  8. Any private pilots out there?

    Prices will never get cheaper and next to sex flying is an absolute headrush. I am retired military (F-16’s & T-38’s) so when I got out I was able to obtain through the military competency tests the commercial/inst ratings. That being said….there are a lot of rip off flight schools and depending where you’re located ask some pilots at the local airport where you plan on flying what the rumors are about the local schools. The best people to talk to are the line guys working at the FBO’s especially ones that are getting their ratings. They hear everything. I have a P Baron and a SuperCub now…still a kick in ass fun time. I’ve gone from one end of the aviation spectrum to the other from high performance F-16’s in combat, intense jet training with high G pulling simulated dog fighting to 400 plus kt low level ops and now my low and slow 100kt VFR SuperCub. Love every minute of my time in airplanes. JUST DO IT
  9. Miles

    I drove a 4Runner last weekend and although it was a nice ride I guess I’ve been driving a German vehicle for so long it didn’t appeal to me. I also did not like the attitude of the dealer and it kind of turned me off from the brand so I ended up buying a new Q7 yesterday. I guess I’m a creature of habit and liked the other one so much, Audi gained a repeat customer. Your neighbor needs to drive it more because those Fraulein’s don’t like not being used! .
  10. Miles

    Interesting thread as I discovered my trusty daily driver, an Audi Q7 started making engine metal this week with 161k miles. I really wanted to keep this SUV another year as it was in really nice shape but it had other plans and replacing the engine was just not cost effective in todays market. I’m trying to figure out what to replace it with maybe another Audi? I had pretty good luck with the Q and I know they’re maintenance intensive but I spent money (a lot) when needed and always followed the service schedule. Oh well….nothing lasts forever.
  11. Anyone see the movie “The Great Santini?” Bull Meachum played by Duvall could’ve been written about my father who was also a Vietnam Marine F-4 pilot and a complete prick. So when I graduated UPT and went on to F-16’s it was a nice fuck you.
  12. US citizens left In Afghanistan-PISSED

    Exactly right about who is in “charge”. But even Biden’s own mouth slips when he says he’s not “allowed “:to comment or “discuss” certain issues. Just like the puppet that he is. It’s ufb Aahhh the poppy fields…..Smart girl and you’re right where the fuck is all that money going? There were several occasions we were restricted and couldn’t get clearance to roll in on targets that were clearly in the open and hostile. Talking to a few spooks over there and once after a particularly frustrating sortie, I’ll give you one guess what was in those areas. Follow the money.
  13. US citizens left In Afghanistan-PISSED

    Trump Trump Trump Trump… broken fucking TDS record. I suppose your next STD will be Trump’s fault? Hey how about your boy Biden abandoning Americans today? I suppose that’s Trumps fault as well? Delusional as usual.
  14. US citizens left In Afghanistan-PISSED

    Idiot boy….lol..seriously that’s funny coming from an “adult”. You are only calling yourself with your own ignorance. And that is hilarious. Btw, Answer the fucking question: Asperger’s?