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  1. Sooo Slowwww

    I love this girl. A whole idiot lol.
  2. What's your fantasy?

    Where my midget! Love redivy lol
  3. What's your fantasy?

    Absolutely love this
  4. What's your fantasy?

    I'm curious what's your fantasy?
  5. Spicy or sweet?

    Which do you prefer?
  6. PROVIDERS of Colorado Springs

    Ladies know that we have a predator in the miix armed with a weapon, I'm okay I got out of that situation. PM me thanks and take care
  7. gentlemen please read

    Ty gr8 owl i dunno what to do have had no issues in this industry til this girl popped up have great reviews and never ever robbed my fellow clients pretty upset shes putting my name in all of her ads saying i approved hell no i dont approve of this bitch
  8. gentlemen please read

    She has aad on bp nothing but the best put me to the test this is not my people shes robbing people
  9. gentlemen please read

    Yes its on bp
  10. gentlemen please read

    She is robbing clients this is not my doing she is not part of my business i swear
  11. gentlemen please read

    This is jezzika rabbit there is a girl named Babs Bunny using my credentials to gain clientelle i do not Approve of this she is not part of my Business Thank you Xoxo Jezzika Rabbit
  12. Credit cards

    Thanks everybody for the input! I think I'll stick to good ole greenbacks.
  13. Credit cards

    Hi everybody! has anyone checked out Paypal and Square? Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks in advance for your help!

    Happy fourth!!!
  15. Hello

    Hello Gentlemen