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  1. I had to abort

    As it goes for ladies it also goes for you gentlemen...GO WITH YOUR GUT INSTINCTS..
  2. Newbie

    Hello cowboy....😙
  3. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Just keep swimming just keep swimming..Even Dora got her ending... FYI:Not comparing you to a fish in any form or
  4. Need advice please

    Why does that just fit with your handle pic???? I can't get enough...
  5. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Lol come on Big Shot you know you like it BRIGHT AND BOLD...
  6. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic where have you been all my life...
  7. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    Once your post ANYWHERE that says anything about sex or money your doomed..You don't have to say anything or do anything for Le to arrest you once they are already onto you... Now as for the OP yes she just sounds new to the business and hasn't had the right Gentleman or Provider help her in any form or fashion.I know I'm so blessed for some of these ladies and Gentlemen...😀
  8. 411 on summer?

    I am not working with anyone by the name of Summer...I've never worked with her...Hell I don't even know the girl...Samatha Shepard knows ALOT about me ...I'm sick and tired of someone trying to make me a bad person I've worked really hard to get the Katie Creme shit to stop and here you are Keyser starting shit about something you have no ideal about..I'm not using fake profiles and I would really appreciate it if you would leave Katie Creme Sabrina Lynn out of your mouth...HELL I NEVER SAW YOU DICKHEAD!
  9. 411 on summer?

    Thanks everyone I'm just so sick of people stuck on the past... Yes I made mistake but I'm actually doing pretty damn good reenventing myself..I don't think it's fair that "summer" has to deal with the B's from you trolls(And I like the real trolls)... Now off to enjoy my booked up Saturday...
  10. 411 on summer?

    Fuck fuck fuck I can't like this enough...
  11. New to TOB and very excited!

    Welcome and enjoy that's what we are here for
  12. Just saying Hi

    Welcome back and enjoy to the fullest that's what we are here for
  13. Experience provider new to TOB

    Welcome and enjoy..
  14. 😂😂😂I see why....
  15. 411 on summer?

    Sorry girl some guys are just asses for no reason...Welcome to the Board lol