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  1. Bp Wanting Links to a Social Media Account

    I just cant seem to understand why so many changes, and if they are trying to make it look like a "dating site" why must we put our social media accounts on there?
  2. Went to BP and was doing some searching all to find out now they require you to put your social media account on your post! Facebook, Twitter anything that is on social media...This is just crazy! Anyone else having this issue come up?
  3. This week's game

    Oh Jessica Alba ..😋
  4. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    I thought I was the only one that felt that way...Lol ...
  5. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    The chilli and cheese fries are to die for!! But it mostly a hangout for the college kid across the street!
  6. Hobby phone question

    I have to add with the smart phones there is an app called sideline it only works when you want it to...Meaning you could download and delete all you want, and never lose your information! Just download the app and log in when Appointment is booked and your there ..Earse the app!
  7. This week's game

    Channing Tatum... Sheldon from Big bang theory Matthew McConaughey (Misspelled)
  8. I got a text

    That's scary..
  9. Love

    One of my favs! "Sit Down Be HUmble"
  10. boyfriends,husbands

    Makes you wonder how clean she actually was...
  11. Its okay to take up for me for shit i didnt do! I never once bothered these guys going in on me for something that happened 4 years ago! Im sure everyone has been a ripoff before!
  12. If you look back i didn't create any storm! I asked Chrissy how she knew traveling ladies post self reviews! And i guess i didnt have freedom of speech!
  13. Personal Websites

    Sometimes I feel like i'm missing something when im creating a website!
  14. Why do you do this???

    I've really never understood why it is that the location(or close by) is not on the ad!