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  1. Something Different

    Your so silly...
  2. STD testing

    I was being a smartass!
  3. STD testing

    Don't do ANYTHING with a condom!
  4. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Hobby Bobby got to bobbing as he was sucking her perfect pointy nipple,He felt his cock breaking his own way through his basketball shorts, so he hurried up and started moving his tongue towards her navel SUDDENLY....
  5. On rate haggling.....

    And why would that be?
  6. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    Way to go!!! Best session to come..😝
  7. Favorite coming item

    Personally I love to cook especially when I have the right materials to use. My favorite is a good steak Knife because of course I'm from the south so I like steak and potatoes... What are some of your favorite cooking utensils??
  8. Provider diatribe against this site

    Once again THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BP GALS!! It's how you handle your self and your business ....I know plenty of nice upscale ladies that use bp as just another advertising. Hell some of you TOBers are no better than the BP guys!! So it goes both ways!!
  9. Ok, I've seen it all...perhaps...

    Nice to know I'm not the only one that got this email lol
  10. Horror stories

    I totally remember your grandma story 😂😂😂
  11. Horror stories

    I think I know who your talking about...
  12. Does the Hotel Matter…

    I may get hammered for this butttt ..... What is so wrong with the location of business if the person has plenty of reviews and is More then Verified?
  13. Please screen thoroughly !!

    No I'm not a doctor and do not have a PhD but I do have a brain and Google...All I do was simply Google it! It wasn't directed to one individual it was made to advise men really! I didn't shame ANYONE! ITS NOT SAFE by any terms...WE ARE NOT ONLY SEEING one person a day! And STD is just one thing that happens when unprotected anything happens..