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  1. No Shows

    Well he found me at my new hotel I was using the next day...I'm no longer in hotels at all...
  2. Posting area...

    Love the answers guys...
  3. No Shows

    I'm not worried about my safety HE IS JUST making my incalls from a hotel harder...
  4. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    In case nobody got that WASH YOUR ASS! Melissa your so funny but oh so true lol..
  5. Posting area...

    Yes I just looked I'll have to get set up on the VIp option so I can post from there.
  6. Posting area...

    What is ter
  7. Posting area...

    Alright ladies since bp has been down not only have I gotten many weridos Ive also gotten new places to advertise...So I took the time to list some of the sites we all are aware about and also some are not aware about.Feel free to list any I've forgotten... City And I'm pretty sure the list goes on...
  8. AirBnB vs Motels

    It seems I spoke alittle to soon...😥
  9. Underpants

    I could be belle(Beauty)....
  10. Underpants

    I just love your profile picture...
  11. No Shows

    They are everywhere now that we are having to struggle to find places to advertise.I already collected a STALKER a true one that is so far showing up to my incalls and telling the front desk im there and I'm scamming people.When all I was doing was trying to tell the guy to not shave next time we visot because it bothers my skin.He was p.oed I told him that.Now screening is more important than ever.I will be using AIrBnb the rest of the week to figure out how to get away from this guy without having to change my number and pictures...
  12. AirBnB vs Motels

    I would hope someone like this gets reported because I would stay far far away nomatter how much money he was spending

    Omg Mr.Bigshot she is gonna kill you...Lol
  14. PSA and apologies, clarification

    I love
  15. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    There are plenty of website that state all time options...😁