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  1. Alexa-4988

    LISTEN HERE I AM NOT Katie!!Please refer me as my name Sabrina Lynn
  2. Alexa-4988

    Listen here MR. I was not slinging mud! I simply stated facts I did not come on here and change my name so I don't know what you are even talking about. As I said I DO NOT GET HOW PEOPLE IN GENERAL can get away with stuff!!
  3. Alexa-4988

    I posted pictures of my sister on my account and was told to take them down. I couldn't have anyone but myself on my account. So it's beyond me how YL CAN GET AWAY WITH STUFF!
  4. My Rant…

    I know I work late nights sometimes I do not get to sleep til 2-3 am, Maybe that was her case, but it still isn't justified being late!
  5. Snapchat photo effects are creepy!

    My favorite is actually the big teeth and lips lol...Cracks me up every time.
  6. I love the big bang theory...Who would be you fav??? Mine of course ...Sheldon
  7. Over texting

    Great point dear..
  8. Just read me

    She is awesome I love her!
  9. References

    Ladies and gentlemen please please please follow all PROTOCOLS when it comes to this fun industry. Here are just a few that I see visible to the ones that may be new to this... Ladies have the option to give reference checks (which I absolutely love) for the gentleman on here that you personally encounter with. There are reviews for the getnleman to write for the ladies. There is a quick "Hello remember me I'm going to use you as a reference if that's okay" call or text and also never never never forget EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.Not one human is the same! Enjoy and have a blessed Saturday I know I will I'm off to looking for garage sells...😁
  10. 411 on Barbie Colorado Springs

    Just an FYI LE does anything and everything to get you into trouble.
  11. I was wondering what happened to you girl.. Glad you are okay and alive I also know what its like to be thankful of breathing.
  12. TER Question for the Ladies

    Girl you have 25 great reviews you should be fine.Of Course you are going to have those bullies that think let's try and destroy this lady by writing a bad review ,most legit gentleman can read through the B's.Believe me I've been through the same thing...And lived! P.s.TER isn't really used out here ALOT of the gentleman say I talk TER with they all say they don't use it because of the requirements for a review. Hang in there with those boobs who could resist!
  13. Kissing shower together

    I was saying like.. Honey booboo" no she didn't"... Sorry for the miscommunication...
  14. Reviews

    Name a time and date and I'm in there like swim wear Btw... Don't forget the Alligator tails..
  15. Freezing

    I think it's absolutely beautiful today..