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  1. PSA: Don't Flush

    I'm sorry but this is just GROSS!
  2. When providers are sick....

    I'm almost certain this "outbreak" has been going around since i was a kid 31 years ago!
  3. I love intellect!

    Spot on!
  4. Yeast in rolls & I'm not refering to the baked kind

    Okay I'm completely grossed out by this post lol...
  5. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    I know I have been doing more meditating here lately... relaxing but taking a nice walk with my good ol' teddy(He is my puppy)😀
  6. Brand New To The Website

    Hello and welcome have fun and remember to screen screen screen
  7. New to the area

    Welcome Luna have fun and remember to screen screen screen
  8. New

    Welcome and have fun please remember to screen screen screen!
  9. Introduction

    Hello from another Texas lady!
  10. I love intellect!

    I get ALOT of "What's up" I just finally stopped texting in all..
  11. What does GFE mean to you?

    Things you would do with your significant other... Are gfe to me...
  12. What makes you beautiful souls happy?

    A good romance and some sun...
  13. Newbie

    Welcome and enjoy... Take everything here with a grain of salt..
  14. Spring has Sprung!

    Windows sure we're open today..
  15. Spring has Sprung!

    Mmmmmm I love fresh grass 😁