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  1. Accepted age difference?

    Age is just a number, sometimes it's more about how you carry yourself!
  2. Happy Birthday Raine7379

    Happy birthday enjoy your day💜💜
  3. I didn’t do it!!

    Welcome to the club love! Someone had really got some time on thier hands to be bullshit!
  4. The new Gaylord by DIA

    Yes that price is outrageous!! Hopper they do end up lower it because I never been and wanted to venture off in there it looks so big!
  5. Black-eyed peas...

    Man are you a chef??? You always have some great recipes!
  6. Well, it looks like we made it.

    Perfectly said ilovewoman!! Here's to a great year everyone!!
  7. Black-eyed peas...

    Well the last 10yrs I've been making Black eye peas, cabbage and rice with cornbread! So I guess you could say I've made that my little New Years tradition.
  8. Happy Holiday!

    Happy New Years Guys!!
  9. New you!

    I always like to start the New Year out peaceful with plenty of plans ahead! Sometimes it works sometimes the world pulls me in different ways... 2019 i will stick to being PROFESSIONAL AND The sweetest girl! No more mean thoughts or letting others get to me.
  10. Advice on Scary Experience

    This is crazy talk😂
  11. Spoofing.

    I can't believe someone has this much time on their hands! I turned my phone on this morning and have been told my number is calling people! Sorry guys it's definitely not me! I hope someone finds out who this asshat is FAST! I'm getting sick of being put in this drama!
  12. What going on


    I knew it wouldn't be to long right after his love! Rest in peace Mr.President! Your duties have been filled.
  14. Dog humor....

    Super cute made my morning..
  15. There will be no more donations

    But it's not okay to only communicate with certain ladies!! EVERYONE needs to know about this asshat!!