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  1. behind the scenes only areas

    Never been a leopard! You my dear do not have your facts correct! But it's okay, thank you for your input! Again you are part of the "Cool kids club" so what you have to say means nothing to me! If I stand corrected YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW ME! You have never took the time to even get to know me, if I believed everything I heard from everyone I would be a mean mean person, instead I choose to like and associate myself with others I make my own judgement towards!
  2. behind the scenes only areas

    You should probably take your own advice! Good day Hunter!
  3. behind the scenes only areas

    Thanks for the friendly reminder as you can see as well as I can see there is nothing wrong with my business! SAFETY is SAFETY and we should ALL be apart of it!
  4. behind the scenes only areas

    It was eptoic pregnancy but thank you I'm healing great thanks for asking!
  5. behind the scenes only areas

    I didn't do anything!! I've never ever met the provider doing this!! What I'm saying is its not okay to allow certain ladies to a blacklist group! It's for safety and everyone's safety should be a concern! I don't agree with everyone and how they run business! But I would NEVER keep information that could harm someone from anyone! This group needs to be for EVERYONE! EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE SAFE
  6. behind the scenes only areas

    Here you go again! This group needs to be for EVERYONE! EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE SAFE! NOT just someone you like! It's like you're saying ol well go kill her it's okay we don't have her on the list anyways!
  7. behind the scenes only areas

    First off I wasn't coming for nobody! And second of all baby girl look at the drama YOU JUST CREATED!! ALL I said is just like VH IT'S NOT RIGHT TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHOM IS IN THE COOL KIDS CLUB! It should be a priority to keep EVERYONE safe!
  8. behind the scenes only areas

    It would be nice to not pick and choose whom you allow in the "cool kids club"!

    I've gotten the same text! Your crazy to even text back! Some things are just easier to see for some people!
  10. Taking a break

    Good luck with your new love in life! 💓💓
  11. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy 🎂
  12. Hello

    Hello and welcome enjoy your time here💓💓
  13. Be kind to your Animals!

    My fur babies hate this time of the year. And we have a gun shooter every year right behind my house that always frightens everyone new to the area.
  14. Hey’s your week been?

    It's been a blessing!! Thank you for asking!
  15. What is your favorite TOB avatar?

    I love @badboys