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  1. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    Ugghh how rude!!
  2. 411 on Nikki_Nichole

    Thank you for clearing this up people can be so harsh!
  3. Dress Code for Men

    Come on over a shower is ALWAYS available...
  4. Escort Babylon???

    What made you think he was referring to TOB? He flat out said ADULTFINDER! Gosh people read!
  5. lovely people

    There is love EVERYWHERE you just have to find the right ones to love!
  6. How Old is too Old?

    Age is just a number...Rock it like never before!!
  7. Booking Apps

    Nobody realizes this!! Cops surely know how too get around screening!
  8. The happy thread

    Yes jrwolfe!! Start everyday with the best of intentions!
  9. Hello all new here

    Hello and welcome...Remember to embrace the good girls and just move on from the ones not so good!! Keep enjoying life and what you seek shall come!
  10. New provider in town

    Riff raff is something we will ALWAYS have to weed through!! There are plenty of wonderful people here in Denver to change your mind on this beautiful state! Just give it time and make sure your block button is STRONG!!

    Hope all is well my love!
  12. New provider in town

    just block those and move on...There are many amazing gentlemen in this community.
  13. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    I love me some Luke Bryan
  14. Listings

    Go into the listings and search your name. Lots of ladies post so your listing may be way down there!
  15. Remembering 911

    God bless them all...I know I'm a baby but I remember my history teacher in high school scared and crying just telling us we are witnesses to a war ahead..Here we are 17years later and that war is still going on...It's sad to know things are not getting better!