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  1. Careful with screening boys.

    Fyi COPS USE THEIR REAL NAME TO BOOK HOTELS! I've personally been in a situation where i called the hotel to make sure the person was who he said he was and when i got their, I had some nasty bracelets waiting on me! And believe me ALL HIS SCREENING WAS RIGHT ON POINT! Wanna know more just pm me!
  2. Help about losing the erection

    Change it up once in a while! A woman made for this business will know what to do!
  3. Careful with screening boys.

    I'm sorry but you are the dumb one for falling for this crazy mess!
  4. How do I review a client? Lol!

    Once the gentlemen sends you a reference request then as the above person has stated follow those next steps to giving a reference.
  5. Rockies

    And if they say anything just tell them "well where i come from in this heat we have AC".. Maybe they will take that as a hint!
  6. All you can eat seafood

    I love their seafood! Just with the crawfish make sure you soak and resoak. Use 2 things of big salt for each pound to make sure they are super clean. I love when they have the sales...I JUST BOUGHT 235crabs for 50bucks for memorial weekend talk about GOOOODDD!
  7. All you can eat seafood

    I don't know of a buffet. But I love the crawling crab..
  8. Weird appointment request

    Just stay at it and stay safe! Alot of ladies I know don't have their numbers present and still go through this.You will always have to weed out the craziness, the ones you want will come.Just BE CAREFUL!
  9. Lady Friends

    Hello...Screen screen screen and enjoy! Need anything feel free to reach out! I love my TOB friends!
  10. To sweat or not to sweat?

    I'm not a fan of sweat so I love to have it nice and cold in my house at all times with blankets in the arms reach.
  11. Positive Vibes & General Welcome

    Postive vibes
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome and screen screen screen
  13. Loss of reviews

    Most ladies have websites...Check those out😂
  14. What to do when potential clients figure out who you are in real life???

    Best one yet
  15. BrandNewby Please be gentle

    Welcome and enjoy! SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN