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  1. Today’s burning question- Do cats fart?

    Yes girl of course😁😂😂
  2. How long was your blackout?

    I can only get on when i am at home using my personal xifinity Wi-Fi! As soon as I leave the house it will not pull up the whole page for me!
  3. What did you do to stay alive during the blackout???

    Thanks guys for keeping us up and running...
  4. Happy Birthday USMC

    Happy birthday
  5. Ladies watch off report

    This totally sucks..Thank you for posting this! I am now more aware of how paypal works because of this thread!
  6. Please be careful driving in this mess

    It's not a funny matter to watch someone crash!! Hope all involved are okay!! The weather hasn't even gotten bad yet!
  7. skinnyblackchick/Angelicastjames - Banned

    That is her!! She put it on Twitter that she was going to use different accounts because she needed to make money!
  8. Welcome me

    Hello pretty lady and enjoy!
  9. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween🎃 Let's get out there today and find that prefect treat!
  10. Does size really matter to you?

    In my RL my pick would be someone taller than me, but in a fantasy world it would be more of a personality thing! Size wouldn't matter!😂
  11. Just because you say your a newbie....

    It's not hard at all! Especially since newbies are still giving a chance to play without having references! It would be best to just be professional and read as much as possible! Key words: READ READ READ
  12. New to Denver

    Welcome and enjoy
  13. Happy Birthday WGlide2003

    Happy birthday hun.
  14. Collecting

    Well as of lately the last 10yrs it's been anything to do with superman!! Of course I'm collecting Broncos things as I am a huge fan!
  15. Body cleansing

    Thank you guys for all the great information. I have went with a green tea with mint and honey! I add alittle extra mint and stir backwards, and i must say I've been waking up feeling like i slept all day!! I have also done alot of social media cleaning!! Some things its better to wipe your hands from and move on..