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  1. Hobby vs Camming

    Question for the providers out there who have done webcams, What are the pro's & con's of each? Do you have a preference in one versus the other? If so why?
  2. As a photographer I've always wondered if providers would be open to working with one of their clients if a provider genuinely likes a clients abilities with a camera. Would any providers be open to this idea?
  3. Favorite Drinks?

    Hello TOB! New guy here ! I finally decided to make a profile after about a year of following the site. Wanted to stop by here and say hello and break the ice a bit! Does anyone have a "go to" drink that they prefer above all others? I for one, am a rum guy so I usually stick to rum and coke but I secretly love mojitos. Looking forward to get to know you guys! Cheers CO TOB!