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  1. Hotel Points

    I travel a lot for work. I get around 80 night a year, and was using Hilton and Marriott, but after learning more about Hotels.com I transferred all my business to them. As was previously stated, they give you the equivalent of 10% of the rate, not including tax of 10 stays. So when you stay 10 times, they average the total amount spent and divide by 10. It blows away all the chain programs and in my case it gives me one consolidated itinerary. The problem with a chain is if you forget to cancel as I sometimes double book for events that I know get busy, you may end up getting charged. I had a situation where I had a photoshoot in Florida and accidentally booked the wrong date. Showed up at the hotel and they couldn't find my reservation. They finally found me, but I had apparently stayed the night before. When I called hotels.com they actually called the hotel and they paid for the correct night and did not charge me extra. I have learned to see who is writing reviews. Are they an infrequent traveller, tourist or just a grouch? I tend to prefer other business travelers as they have more realistic expectations of what it should be. They also will match. If I see a price better, they always match it. Be aware though, some hotels do not like third party as they give away up to 1/3 of the amount and as a result will place you in a non desirable room. That has happened and then I happily call the front desk and tell them that I am Hotels gold, used to be Hilton Diamond and Marriott Platinum and am happy to post my review. Then I ask for the owners name or the district manager and low and behold, they move me to a better room. @Lucy Kitten I can give the hotel nights away, use them or whatever. Just be aware that with Hotels.com you get a specific dollar amount, so if you go over the rest is on you, where the chains typically cost points for each night. Sorry for the ramble, but I am happy with Hotels. I do wish they had a higher level than gold that had some additional perks though.
  2. Will the real Kylie step forward

    I have texted briefly with Kylie, but have not had the privilege of meeting her. From what I can see, they all line up, but there is something call hair color that can be changed. It could be purple, but the rest of the tattoos and the look seem to line up to me.
  3. Fort Collins massage

    Thanks for this. I am very new as in really newbie and was thinking of seeing her.