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  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Thank you all for the kind words. It means a lot to me. I hope to return to Denver at the first of the year. My employer is crazy though so I’m not sure when. In the mean time if I get a chance to take a trip up there I’ll be sure and call.
  2. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    Hunter I’m old enough you are the young hot chick
  3. How to Treat Us......Theoretically, of course.

    She’s got good information. I just don’t like her voice.
  4. Yeh both ways, working and hobbling. I lived in Denver for a while then moved back down south. Should be coming back in a month or so.
  5. I’ve been out sick with an Achilles injury. If all goes well I’ll be back in action in a month or so.
  6. PS, I’m not ugly just mature❤️
  7. Thank you Hunter. I try to be nice. If a women has a nice personality that turns me on. I believe pictures should be no more than a year old. I’m not top of the line looks myself so I make up in personality.
  8. I’ve been reading this thread and decided to put in my three cents worth. I personally like women of all shapes and sizes. I prefer larger breast but my first wife had 32a cup. If the ladies clean and has a nice personality I’m a happy man. About the pictures all I care about is if they give me an accurate representation of what the lady looks like in the last year. I’m done, thanks
  9. Nikki Holiday Colorado Escort Does anyone know what happened to Nikki. You can pm me if you like. I haven't seen any ads from her in weeks.
  10. Has anyone seen....

    I was off the coast of Viet Nam on the USS America, CVA 66. I was in an A7E squadron. Never got in country but did help launch the air support the other gentleman was talking about. I still get emotional from my experience and it was tame compared to the grunts. Haven't seen the series but will try to find it and watch. Thanks for the heads up LK
  11. What makes you think your clients that are married only have partners who are past menopause?
  12. I visit almost everyday looking to see if anything interesting turns up. also to see if my favorite ladies are working or have anything to say. yes I think I'm addicted.
  13. Another Bad Day in Bedrock

    +1 Laplace,
  14. My way of holding them responsible is not seeing them anymore even though they were all excellent providers. That covers my butt and I don't run afoul of the ladies, the moderators or the white knights or radical hookers. the best way to find a lady is like CH said. find one that you are comfortable with her screening and see her. then you shouldn't have a problem.
  15. I know of 3 ladies who are fighting with each other. I have been a client of all 3. they are all nice ladies in there own right but it does scare me that if I say or do the wrong thing with one of them I could be all over the TOB newscast. even though I miss all three of them I choose not to see any of them for fear of repercussions. I remember the lady that was being talked about in the one post who outed that guy. I was never with her but did talk to her on the phone. also as the one lady just said, there are more than one hobby to enjoy, I say to her there are more than one job for women in Denver.