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  1. Sex or Guns?

    Why limit yourself to one? I vote for both!
  2. Cool, thanks for the info! They just sent me coupons in the mail. I'll have to see if I can combine them. More bang for the buck lol 😀
  3. Question about time and minutes

    My 2 pennies on this topic: If I'm worrying about 10 minutes than I'm booking my meetings waytooclosetogether. It's 10 minutes. Life isn't perfect. People run a few minutes late, parking can take longer than originally thought, etc. It may be different in Vegas but parking at one of the casinos and walking through can take 20-30 min (no joke!). I factor that in and adjust my schedule accordingly. As for showering during the appt (either before or after) tells me that as a client you care about being fresh and clean. I don't consider that part of your hour and I'm happy that you care about personal hygiene as it's top on the list for me. Now with all that said, I have had my time blatantly abused when it's obvious the time is up and the person doesn't want to leave. That's not cool and I don't see that person again when it's apparent that they only want to pay for an hour but stay for two. Respect is a 2 way street. Respect my time and I'll show you the same respect. For me sweating over 10 minutes isn't worth getting upset over. I'd rather be enjoying myself doing other things Kimy xo
  4. introducing myself

    Thank you kindly Scraps and Boink! Scraps, have you found your Colorado lady yet?
  5. introducing myself

    Thank you very kindly! As are you
  6. Big guy

    Not at all!
  7. Big guy

    I assumed the OP meant bigger as in heavier. Hmm maybe not...
  8. introducing myself

    Hi Scraps! I'm [Snip} . Going to see the Red Wings beat the Avalanche @ Coors Field As a fellow (former) Michigander I can vouch for Scraps. Even though we haven't actually met he's been a hobbyist for years and is a good guy.