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  1. Onlyfans

    Willing to be a model in any female provider's BJ videos. I'm good with framing the shot and I also have decent video editing hw/sw/skills. LOL
  2. Favorite in Session?

    Been awhile since I've used this site, here's a better link...
  3. Favorite in Session?

    Recently discovered this...
  4. Fleabag ...and I just have to say that one of my prized possessions is an original Burberry pea coat (Navy Blue). Classic. Worth watching, even just for the opening scene.
  5. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    I mentioned this a few months ago in another thread - a provider who was exhibiting bipolar/manic/paranoid behavior. At least, that's how it appeared to me - much like I've seen in my own family. No razors and microchips (although I wonder if it was the same person) but definitely some rapidly escalating paranoia, accusations, and irrational behavior.
  6. Playlist Thoughts

    A friend of mine swears by "Dark Side of the Moon". I've enjoyed Jeff Buckley's "Grace" during a session. Katy Perry claims to have lost her virginity to that same soundtrack. I've given bluetooth speakers a couple of times as gifts to facilitate hearing my own tunes.
  7. REALLY…

    I've been out of circulation for the past 6 months or so - thanks for the summary. I usually ignore the drama so I don't feel like I've missed much.
  8. Anyone tried it?

    The SO uses it on her face. But from what I've seen, I'd avoid more sensitive areas. FYI, works for her.
  9. I've purchased liquid T (tadalafil) from Rasa Research (in Belize). This is tadalafil in liquid suspension that you take orally. Interesting sweet taste - not what I'd expect from a medication. I would normally be wary of the foreign origin but numerous guys on the men-only forum on ECCIE swear by it. It's worked well for me. Don't like the stuffy head following the dose but otherwise very reliable.
  10. Silicon Valley

    At a business meeting today, met someone else who claims to have coached him in high school. WTF?
  11. Silicon Valley

    As a former IT guy, all this rings so true. I was involved in the "first" internet bubble in the late 90's. The multitudes of prima donna asshole coders complaining about stock options made for a poisonous workplace. I swore off IT after getting laid off. I love the show though. The first season scene where "middle-out" is discovered was an instant classic. I didn't know TJ Miller was a local but that explains a friend's recent comment about his family's connection to Miller.
  12. Soooo...this is why I don't text!

    Text is also my least favorite but no method is totally foolproof. If I'm unsure if messages are getting through, I'll try to reach out with an alternate method (voice, email, text) if available and accepted. And, Melissa, some smartphones are as cheap as flips. I got tired of T9 texting and got a cheap smartphone. Sucks for voice calls but I really only use it for text.
  13. I've never used one with a condom or while fucking. For myself, I just sense that the ring would be a distraction for that activity. Maybe not - maybe worth trying. There are adjustable versions. In the past, I had one that looked like strip of surgical tubing looped into a Y-shaped hard plastic "noose". You could tighten the loop by pulling the tube through the noose. Problem was that it would loosen too soon. The leather-and-snaps version has stood the test of time for me and it is somewhat adjustable. I've also tried metal but, while fashionable, fixed size is a problem. Buy one size and, if it doesn't fit, no returns. Or at least, I'd be embarrassed to - "yeah, I guess I'm not as big as I say"
  14. I'll be contrary and say that I'm a fan. Only for blowjobs though - especially long, slooow BJs. Integrated with a ball spreader, it increases sensitivity for me. I have a leather one that uses snap fasteners - easier to get on if you're erect. The other is basically a set of O-rings that you'd buy at the parts store - harder to "install" when erect (or semi-erect) and you can't be hairy down there to use them. Tried the vibrating rig but, I don't know, it's all silly looking enough without adding electronics and shit. Might as well have flashing lights and Bluetooth.
  15. Today's Denver's Post. ."SUGAR BABIES"

    I was curious OM (yeah, I'm a ham, too) so I did a quick search on SA. About 40 women between ages 30 and 40 who were active in the past three weeks. I know one of them - she's in my neighborhood and we are in the same social circles. I'm comfortable hanging out with younger people (not just women) so not a big deal for me. Although there've definitely been situations when I've been disappointed by the lack of depth. I know it's not for everyone though.