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  1. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Beautiful bella....I even went to see her twice on the same day
  2. MFM 3some

    I had fmf with providers that are friends or shared incall also a mmmmfmmmm I was "invited" to a gb/train ...this guy set everything for his wife to be the center of the attention may be 8 guys on the room at the same time and more in and out.the husband didn't participated he was providing drinks and snacks for the guys and scooping the cum to feed her. Some othe times he set up the same scenario for other ladies but behind his wife, an asian lady a young girl on her 20s and a blonde lady wondet if anybody hete whete there this happened east side of cherry creek mall.
  3. Former porn ladies that worked in Denver

    Bella Cox, I have seen a couple of vids and meet her once
  4. Helloo Colorado

  5. Mine is an encounter with a FTM I’m not in to man but it was on my bucket list from the belly up totally masculine beard and everything fron the waist down a 100% female...all 3 holes allowed.
  6. Favorite position

    Reverse Korean cow girl.... and never done the pile driver or the pretzel thing Looking forward Though
  7. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

    Yesss I cleaned and lubricate my bike after a few years. I have been riding at least twice a week for the last mont
  8. Happy birthday Raine

  9. Most Looking Forward to These Activities

    Same here....
  10. Stock Show Time Again

    Not a cowboy......I’m a lesbian too
  11. The world will be different....

    I don’t recall Dave but my condolences to those who will miss him. ....
  12. Incorrect review

    On the same issue I choose not to review, she have a lot of good reviews and a bad one from me is going to do more damage to me than to her, but to start I have to pick her up at her condo in Aurora, drive back to her incall in Englewood after a so-so session drive her back to Aurora, looks like she was doing chores around her house when I text her, no make up, no sexy clothing.
  13. Slowww!

    No more tacos, burritos or tamales for you
  14. Yes you are real and a gorgeous lady by the way
  15. Dining in Denver

    Taco trucks.... one on every corner along Federal Blvd