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  1. How to get removed from Blacklist?

    This thread 😂🤗😂🤗
  2. Melody 214-735-4850 Colorado Escort need 411 on this little latina ASAFP
  3. Juarez Mexico

    Not in juarez, but theres this place called hong kong, mexico. Go there.
  4. 411 on Karma

    Karma 775-277-1723 Colorado Escort Has anyone ever seen Karma can't find any reviews
  5. Speaking of african american ladies with big butts anyone ever seen Princess?!
  6. Unknown 720-599-6761 Colorado Escort Anyone seen her? No name in ad Number 720- 599-6761 _________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad Denver escorts June 12, 2016 cached Ad Denver escorts April 13, 2016
  7. 411 on Autumn

    I saw her a few months ago. Shes real and pretty hot. Services werent that bad, but theres definitely better.
  8. Adriana

    Bump ________________________________cached Ads,same images cached Ad BP Denver escorts May 31, 2016 cached Ad BP Denver escorts May 22, 2016 cached Ad BP Denver escorts May 20 2016 cached Ad BP Monterrey escorts April 4, 2016 Same images previous phone number 415-260-8758 - Adriana cached Ad BP San Mateo escorts 6 de marzo de 2016
  9. Not exactly sure. She was a thick girl with a big butt i know that 😂
  10. Last time i tried with my old atf she wrapped her panties around my junk. Honestly felt no better than without it
  11. Anyone ever seen her? Shes hot as fuck. Seen her posts but never any reviews ): Or her? I like her butt _____________________________________________________________ cached Ad BP Denver escorts Jan 10, 2016
  12. fetishes

    Ass worship.
  13. Have I over looked something?

    At the end of the day, its HIS loss. 😚
  14. Porn Stars from Colorado

    Her ass is worth starting a religion for
  15. Why do you review?

    Reviews have helped me a lot. I do it as a way to give back
  16. Porn Stars from Colorado

    Hmm no Valerie Luxe on the list
  17. My Quandary

    If she doesnt do it herself, dont do it for her.
  18. Avoiding Entrapment

    Actually she said she understood, and told me she probably would have done the same.
  19. Questions before meeting...

    Some of my best sessions, ive never even had to ask any questions. Unfortunately some providers of my best sessions are now retired 😢😭😢😭
  20. Avoiding Entrapment

    Always scope out the parking lot. I usually give the lady an eta that is a few minutes ahead. Check the parking lot very thuroughly. Look for usually american cars with extra antennas or weird looking vans. Fords or chevys are what theyre usually in. For example yesterday i wanted to see a provider in a hotel i shouldnt have even thought about seeing a provider at. I get a water at the gas station across the street and see a sketchy looking man in a white 4 runner. So i slowly drive to the hotel and park in a restaraunt lot right next door and wait (girl was taking her sweet time) as im waiting i see that 4 runner drive towards the hotel then he sees my car, and tries finding a space near me. Parks on a no parking fire lane drives around, then comes right back next to me. As soon as he goes to drive around the lot again, i took the fuck off. And from a distance i can see him aimlessly driving around the lot again. As soon as i left she girl called me saying shes finally ready lol. Pretty sure that guy was a weirdo with a mental disability or something and it was all just a coincidence, but im not taking that chance no matter how hot she was. Just a little bummed i couldnt see her.
  21. Questions before meeting...

    Honestly i dont think theres anything before meeting, that you can do (If the provider has no reviews). What i always do is get naked (to show im not wearing a wire or being a snitch in any way) and simply ask "do's and don'ts?" If what i like isnt on the menu i just call it a loss, fake enjoy the session, and probably never see the provider again. 😂😂😂 thats the game brother. Of course $$$$ almost always can open up anyones menu... well almost anyone.
  22. This insane weather

    The other day i started working on my car around 10 wearing sweats and a jacket. By 12 30 i was in shorts and a tank top. What in the actual fuck?
  23. Board newbies....

    Theres just a little clique of individuals who think theyre better than everyone else. Ive seen them rip apart providers and clients.