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  1. FS QV

    โ€œFireballโ€.. A fine Irish Whiskey โœ…
  2. FS QV

  3. Question for the fellas......

    Agree! Yess!

    Congratulations beautiful!! I graduated with my masters in May, Business Psychology, feels amazing! Hard work pays off...So proud of you!! ๐Ÿ’‹
  5. Scarlet Ranch

    Scarlet Ranch for sure...great place to get your feet wet, maybe have sex with your wife but have others watch, not participate Would agree with @Audra North SRanch big events are pretty fun! I have visited Mon one time, did not play...walked into the pool, we sat down, walked out.. Very dirty!
  6. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    Hello. We have never met or spoken but here is a tidbit or two.. Definitely find the local board, become a member, post, and engage prior to your arrival date. It will take a visit or two to get going but by your third visit you should definitely have some favorites! In your post make it known you would like to be shown around their town/city ๐Ÿ˜‰. Screen. Screen. Screen every client. Hotels...Stay in a larger, well known hotel. Perferably during a time of convention or meetings until you get to know the areas. I travel often. PM me for more info if youโ€™d like.
  7. It is time to say Goodbye!

    Thank you guys! @fishndude57... You are amazing!! My bags are packed and I'm ready for the journey!! Let's see if it's everything promised! I've waited for this for almost 2 years...Thank you so much for your guidance and friendship!!
  8. It is time to say Goodbye!

    I am going to miss my crazy ass TOB family tremendously! Its been a great run but I must close the door to My Past, open the door to My Future, and step Through to a New Life. I have met a lot of great people and have made some lifelong friends. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You for the great laughs, conversations, frustrations, bloopers, and memories! Jade took bids and married me out, she is going to take his brother, if you guys don't behave!! Xoxo Alexa Rayne
  9. Memphis review sites?

    Be careful while in Memphis and make sure the lady is legit...42 arrested a couple days ago in "Operation Someone Like Me". I was not able to attach the link.
  10. Tipping or gift giving

    Awwww...I absolutely LOVE playing bingo!!! Being I am such an avid poker player and sports fanatic...this tends to surprise the few who know this about me! Whenever I open that little envelope and there is a GC card inside, I feel extra warm inside, knowing someone put thought into saying thank you versus just stopping at the ATM...Now, Im not naive, I know some gents probably buy their gifts in bulk whether it be wine, GC, or anything else but again at somepoint the thought was there! Now dont get it is nice as well. Guys probably feel the same when we actually read their profile...dressing as stated or providing their favorite just makes the visit more special.
  11. Pineapple as foreplay???

    Ginger and Sticky...what are you really doing in that kitchen of yours??? ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. In support of clocks this ^^ is the best answer!!
  13. In search of Photographers

  14. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    I am out of reps...damn. @Melissa Sterling and does someone ask to take a shower and still smells like ass afterwards? Please use soap otherwise you just rinsed your stinky self and smell worse than before. This was a 1st for me...I received a PM today from someone who had joined TOB 48 minutes prior to sending me the PM. He stated he can not text/call because his wife checks his cell phone logs....I sent him my screening info...he has no references, and stated he has never seen a lady, I would be his 1st...I sent him my Newbie process. I would think, joining TOB, and sending a PM for an appointment within the hour of joining is truly jumping in with both feet. All in. Lol My recommendation is to review this site as there is a ton of great information for newbies on etiquette, etc....Get a hobby phone, get verified by P4. Maybe another lady, who accepts newbies will have a screening process he feels comfortable with...Good luck to all Newbies during this time as our Alert and BS radars are at a all time high.
  15. No Shows

    Oh ok...that is good to hear..still very frustrating.