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  1. 411 Hard Body Mona/Mona Rae

    I inquired but 350 deposit is a nonstarter for me
  2. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Gotta be Callievane imho.
  3. Anyone Seen Wren Ravenous

    Hi did you end up booking? I reached out myself and may toftt but would love some info going in.
  4. Offering bbfs

    I think it’s becoming more common unfortunately and I’ve had it offered several times over the last couple years and each time was a huge turn off and last visit. The same is true for the providers who post pics/video getting barebacked it’s an immediate red flag for me.
  5. Weird

    I know personally I am looking here a lot less lately and not frequenting providers as often. No change in my situation but it seems rates Denver ladies are charging has increased close to double in a lot of cases the past year. The increases have been enough to where I personally start to consider other things I could do with the money. I think ladies should charge what they see fit, but I can’t help but think this is a factor for other gents as well.
  6. Julie 720-909-7162 Colorado Companion Wondering if anyone has seen Julie? I normally never see ladies not on tob but may have to make an exception. I have chatted with her and confirmed her photos are legit but have a feeling almost tgtbt. Julie 720-909-7162
  7. Milking table?

    Was hoping to see some answers to this. I think it would be pretty hot myself.
  8. Tiny Tawny

    I’ve tried to book only to get a boilerplate reply days later. I’m not sure what the deal is but being contacted days later out of the blue is unprofessional if that type of communication hasn’t been established as ok. She seems hot though...
  9. Msog providers

    If you’ve been verified as legit most providers will be willing to give some basic info. If this is important to you just kindly ask if they’d be ok with that once you’ve verified. I would not personally see a lady for an hour who didn’t do msog but to each their own. I do like these threads though because some of the ladies responses definitely have informed me of who not to visit.
  10. Favorite position

  11. 411 on Heidi

    Heidi 970-716-0754 Colorado Companion Hi! Has anyone had the chance to visit this young lady? Very interested but seems almost tgtbt.
  12. Are you Considering Other Options?

    I have come to enjoy seeing ladies who have an onlyfans account. In fact lately I’ve only seen 1 or 2 girls I’ve been with before or who have only fans. Girls like to verify what they’re getting into and this is really one of the best ways guys can know they’re not seeing doctored, old or fake pics. It’s been great for me.
  13. Coronavirus Poll

    Wow 3 to 1 saying no. Surprised but have to say it’s the smart thing to do. Price of 🐈 probably about to drop like airline stocks.
  14. Big donations

    Same here. I could never see paying over 350 an hr unless it was my fave pornstar then I could see paying over 1k. There are just too many other great options and not just in Denver in many cities I’ve visited including other ones. And at 350 I expect a pretty spectacular time and luckily my expectations have almost always been met. Each lady of course has the right to decide what her time is worth and guys can choose to spend their dollar where they see value like any other service. Most of the expensive traveling ladies don’t have reputable reviews from my experience and I would be very nervous showing up with a wad of 100s that it could be some type of robbery set up without great background info. Anecdotal but the only time I endeavored to see a lady over 350 it was in Atlanta years ago and a bait and switch where I ended up leaving, luckily with my $$$ in hand.