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  1. In need of some suggestions

    You all have been amazingly helpful! I have a good food list and places to visit while I'm here!!!
  2. Were Is Everyone Posting?!

    Whys that?
  3. Companionship for Moab 4x4 Trip

    Take a Lady with!! Sounds fun !
  4. Were Is Everyone Posting?!

    Where are the guys lookin is the question! I wanna post where they're lookin lol
  5. In need of some suggestions

    Hey all!! I'm hoping all you can help me out with a few things suggestions. First I would like to know Your favorite Burger, Mexican and Breakfast spot. I am also looking for either very scenic drives, hikes, parks, outdoors activity- and I would love to include the pup!! I appreciate all the info, I have searched for things on yelp and google until my head is spinning. I always find its best to ask someone from there, anywhere you go!! Thanks! Ariel
  6. I use Tunnelbear, is super easy and I can still see everything on TER
  7. Hey all! Just wanted to do a roll call and see who all is out there for NS? Lets try to spread the word that there are still sites we can use!!! Stay Safe everyone!! Ariel
  8. Tattoos.......

    I have several tattoos but they can all be covered easily with clothing because I used to work in Offices. I love seeing other people's artwork. You can learn about them!
  9. Thoughts on using CC?

    I use Venmo- its much easier because it's an app plus its a paypal company. Paypal just hates hookers and if they catch wind of what you're using their service for will shut you down and not give you any money in your account.
  10. Last Day, Leaving Town Soon Ads?

    I try to come up here monthly and sometimes post when I'm leaving just to let people know, or I'll run specials for my last day. But seeing as you guys aren't really fans maybe I'll leave that off my next ad lol
  11. What do you like to wear in a session?

    I don't like to wear anything!! Occasionally a cute pair of panties.
  12. Wierd review terminology

    It does sound like an elementary report card comment lol makes me wanna go back and look at my reviews to see what other funny tidbits I can find.
  13. Scenic Drives & Historical Sites?

    Is there any haunted ghost stuff out here?
  14. Las Vegas

    I live in Vegas and TER and ECCIE are pretty active out there. I would look there!