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  1. Speaking strictly for myself, I am not nuts about the blue pill. It's okay. But I am not nuts about it. There are so many more things that are so much more important to me in a client. Just things like showing up on time, having nice manners, showing ordinary human respect, being appreciative, sharing the pleasure of touch, telling funny stories, right? And great oral. Those are the sexy things. The stiffy is at the bottom of the list behind all that. Just me. I know some women are crazy about the big stiff dick. Don't get me wrong, I like it too. It's just not the beginning and the end of a great session as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Oh darn, what happened? I must have missed you
  3. Proper place for donation

    I used to have a note in my ad requesting an envelope. But so few clients complied. I learned that they don't really read the ad, they just look at photos and contact info. You can't change human nature. Like one client in a hundred would use an envelope. They would act like they didn't know what an envelope was. Then came the day I got an envelope full of counterfeit bills. No more envelopes for me. Just fan it out on the dresser please.
  4. Discrimination

    I wish I had more African American clients. The few I have seen have been some of the kindest, most respectful, funniest and most appreciative men ever in my experience. They are just too rare. Maybe they prefer the AA providers, I don't know. I tend to have more problems with European men, I mean, those who grew up in European countries and retain their accents and their values. In my experience they have trouble with my boundaries and my way of running the session. In the sense that *I do run* the session and they don't. I'm always ready to have a better experience though.
  5. Who knows what you do?

    All my closest friends are providers. I have (let me swirl the mental Contacts list) two precious civilian girlfriends who are able to know. I chose them each with excruciating care. Rehearsed what I would say. Found the right moments for telling each of them. Both said they had figured it out already.
  6. Scheduling Preferences? Boring, I Know

    Nominating myself and Lucy and Kashmir for The Bonbon Society. Always ready for those sperm-of-the-moment appointments.
  7. Scheduling Preferences? Boring, I Know

    That's me darling Kitty. Short notice, advance notice, all good. Of course when I say short notice, I mean an hour and a half or two hours in advance. If I wanted to double my income, all I'd have to do would be to get all dolled up every day and sit by the phone and take everyone who calls right now. That's the business I turn away. I don't care. The wear and tear on my nerves would not be worth the money.
  8. There's the short answer and the long answer. Long answer here. We are in a business chock-full of flakes. Last minute cancelations, no-shows, and lookie-loos are the most common problems the ladies face. I can state this with some authority because I've been listening to my girlfriends complain about them for years, YEARS okay. Each and every working girl hears a different excuse several times a month, and goes on smiling. So whatever excuse you give is not going to be believed. Forgive me for hipping you to this fact. I don't mean to be brutal. Just know what our reality is. Your best bet is to carve out an hour that you can defend from all other demands, set that for your appointment and stick to it. If you get a reputation for canceling you may find it difficult to get appointments in the future with quality ladies. If you must cancel, offer a cancelation fee next time you see the lady. I think a quarter to a third of her usual fee should do it. Short answer here. Three hours' notice to cancel a one-hour appointment. At least a day's notice to cancel a two-hour appointment. For appointments longer than two hours, I suggest asking the lady in advance what she would need. It would be better to let her know in advance what your probability of canceling would be, and let her tell you what she needs. LOL she will probably say, Call me when you know what you're doing. I have actually said those exact words over the phone, aren't I mean? But it's better to be real.
  9. Nikki, if you're ever in Sonoma County shoot me a text and we'll go grab a coffee.
  10. Greetings from the beautiful North Bay! I love it here.
  11. Death or Sex?

    Okay I got them all wrong, 100%. Doesn't that make me special in some way? I mean what are the odds.
  12. Would use a credit card ?

    Cash is the coolest.
  13. Yah, I've pretty much given up dating, mainly because I hate myself when I lie. Aside from the cover story reserved for people who can't get out of my life, such as my neighbors and siblings, and casual acquaintances who don't need to be shocked, I am kind of radical about telling my truth. So, why not tell my truth to the man I'm dating? Because then he expects to get sessions for free. I've tried to pull this thing apart from every angle and it keeps coming down to that. There is a big big difference between a date and a session but he is not going to understand it. This is the fruit of years and many attempts. I'd love to be wrong but I'm not. Blessings on every lady whose experience is different from mine. Tell me how you do it.
  14. WWYD?

    Sometimes doing the right thing doesn't make any difference to the other person, but at least you can know that it's making a difference to you. In the same circumstances, I would not take his money. It just would not be fun for me.