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  1. Because it is your birthday....

    I read just fine, but thanks for the ad hominem attack. I'll politely make the assumption you know what that means, or at least, are functional enough to Google it. Had you read my post, you'd understand that the buyer is looking for the best deal, and isn't going to get that without asking. The seller simply needs to say 'no'. Sellers are in the business of fielding questions, even ones which are annoying. Of course, if the job is too difficult for you to manage, you should feel free to apply for something else. As for getting a relationship 'back on track', I disagree with the assertion that it's off track when a buyer asks for a discount. Simply saying no to the discount request doesn't destroy or damage anything. If the relationship exists, it'll continue to exist. The only reason it'd not continue to exist is the buyer's inability to continue buying, which is entirely his problem.
  2. Pics accurate? On Time? Recommend?
  3. Because it is your birthday....

    Honestly, it does come across as condescending, especially when it's one topic below providers trying to encourage tips. If we aren't supposed to ask about discounts/specials/ect.. why should providers ask about extras? It is a business, and if a discount is available the customer is going to want it. The answer is no if you don't ask, right? So you ask, and the seller says yes or no, and the conversation moves on. Easy Peasy.
  4. The arguments are so confusing. Of course it's a good idea to use a different location, and of course dudes shouldn't collect addresses and bail. I don't see how one contradicts the other. This isn't a risk free enterprise, though it should be. Since it isn't, precaution is good, and a post problem warning is good. I don't get what all the fussing is about.
  5. Has Anyone here tried Golden Max Blue

    It's supposed to. They raise your blood pressure by dilating everything. As a side note, a few things you can try are using the darknet to buy pills (cialis for around $13 per 10). There's research to do first, though, about using tor, pgp, and bitcoin, but the savings may be worth it. You can buy the 20 mg and quarter them (though they shaped the pill specifically to make that difficult), and drink a bit of grapefruit juice to enhance the effect (terrible idea if you have blood pressure problems already). I'm not a chemist or a doc. Just a guy on the internet offering ideas. Your decisions should be based on your own research. Good luck and happy endings.
  6. I actually had a provider cling to me, which was very weird. I slowly stopped responding, first by taking hours/days to even reply, and then with very, very short messages.
  7. Huh. I thought this was all about the fun. Who knew it could be so dramatic?