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  1. Hello! Is this thing on?

    Just swinging through to say hi to Happymon..hope ur life is going good..you'd laugh if you see me now
  2. Feeling Like I'm Back !!

    And just a BIG heads up, by putting info on a public forum you can out yourself...yes, yes, I am brutal, and I'll prob get knocked for this, but I did plenty of dumb stuff. I'd delete this IMO, MOO. Unless you don't care, but your life, your choice. I can see there is a lack of sane ladies here..off to AFF for my buddy lol.
  3. Feeling Like I'm Back !!

    Sorry just on here looking for decent women for a friend..but dang. That's not something you want broadcast IMO and lol. Stay straight and best wishes.

    Once again, I have been retired. No refs will be given anymore. Sorry. Play safe
  5. Quick note and goodbye

    Hi, this is really just a quick note to apologize if I have not responded to reference requests. I have retired myself from the business for now, and so have not been checking email. If you have/are using me as a reference, you may want to use someone else to get a timely response. It's been fun. Take care all.
  6. 411 on Nicole of Lakewood

    god, I want to fix her website
  7. Teeth

    Yes, it's a huge turnoff for me. Kissing is pretty important and bad teeth...well, they're just bad and yeah, I can't. You're not alone in this lol
  8. Take a shower, it's summer!

    Some people unfortunately just stink. Recent shower or not. I had to try and be subtle with a coworker about his BO....but failed. I had a whole long conversation about how much I smell after the gym etc etc, but he was oblivious to the obvious hint to maybe throw on some deodorant at least. I think he has a body odor problem that needs more attention than deodorant, but I'm not about to suggest a visit to his doctor lol. The only real solution is to offer a shower to everyone, and have AC so they don't get overly sweaty after/during. I guess the only upside to living in CO is it's dry heat, and less sweat. I can only imagine the issues in a humid area.
  9. EROS Jessica Hamilton

    I'm not sure why you think those photos are TGTBT. She's ok. I'm guessing legit.
  10. Les Misérables in Denver

    Good show You'll enjoy it.
  11. Dilemma

    If she is that hard up for clients, that should be a huge red flag. I do not see what the dilemma is. I have a job and am constantly turning down appointments...it's not like it's slow or anything. We all know reviews mean little, other than a provider is legit. Honestly, I'm not sure why this is a question.
  12. Public Service Announcement - NoPantyDay

    I only wear panties upon request. I work out a lot. Panties have no place for that.
  13. Marathon and pre-race sex

    If you thinking boxing does not require endurance, you are very mistaken. Try going even 3 rounds sparring (not fighting) in the ring and you will quickly understand the level of training it takes to even do that. I've seen ultra runners struggle. And no, I would not have sex before a fight for a number of reasons, one being that you are usually trying to drop weight, and dehydrated. Not enjoyable...I'm sure the wrestling crowd gets this. Maybe for running it is good, not boxing.
  14. No Words...

  15. Stories I Could Tell (Chapter One)

    I too am aware of the people of whom you speak in that story lol. I was FB friends with the ex husband of one of those ladies...for many years. I don't know the ladies in person, but I heard stories about that place hahahaha!