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  1. What gives?!?

    Yes, this.
  2. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    I think the problem with setting up shop in a different part of town than your normal is clients generally won't prebook... especially these days. I think more of us would be willing to work additional areas if more clients were willing to prebook. It's pretty difficult to do last minute arrangements when you can't even check into a hotel until 2ish.
  3. Thought I'd stop by to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a great 2017! Fondly, Alex Joy
  4. Perhaps newbies should refer to my screening post. Why should a lady take a chance on them when the general consensus is don't give any information to us untrustworthy women? It makes it pretty impossible for us ladies to visit with you gentlemen... established or not without some trust. We want the business, trust me... we just don't want to be raped, murdered, beaten, robbed or arrested. How ridiculous of us - Sarcasm font Maybe stop referring everybody to screening services, and let's get back to reality and start doing things the way we used to... when it worked. Just a logical thought.
  5. Some people just like to be argumentative. I have better things to do than sit around and argue online. Thanks for reading my posts though.
  6. As always... it starts. TOB is nothing if not predictable. Bottomline is this... if one isn't willing to give me whatever information I ask for, and it changes on a regular basis depending on many different factors, then just don't contact me at all. My website is very informative and so is the review board. Attitude usually comes through loud and clear to me, and I will tell you this, someones attitude has a direct bearing on just how hard I screen as well as if I choose to visit with him even after he is screened. I have no time or interest in meeting with men who make it apparent that they feel more important than me, or don't care about my safety and comfort level, or obviously feel entitled in other ways. Luckily there are many gentlemen left out there. I obviously have met enough to keep me around. Perhaps let go of a bit of the screening paranoia though. .
  7. Hello Freedom1, Because I am professional, discreet and know how to be trustworthy (wink wink), I prefer to keep my screening methods between my clients and myself. My methods are not for public consumption as it would give helpful information to those wanting to try to thwart screening processes, and that would just be silly now wouldn't it?
  8. I just want to thank the local community, boards and screening services for perpetuating the belief that many or most providers aren’t capable of being professional, discreet and trustworthy with screening information. The idea that women should visit with strange men in private with just the vouching of random providers giving ok’s or saying they are safe is fairly ridiculous. Remember these are the same women you guys aren't supposed to trust with your personal information. I ask this… if the provider ok’s a guy and he ends up beating, raping, robbing, blackmailing… her, do you then recommend her going back to the providers who ok’d him, or the screening service who likely only verified him through two references as well, and saying well gee he wasn’t a great guy after all you suck for saying he was! She then has to live knowing John Doe and Throw Away Phone Number did this to her. How many of you would be comfortable with that thought the rest of your lives? Some of you ladies are perfectly fine with this system. Perhaps it hasn’t failed you yet. I hope very much that it never does! I have been around here for quite a while and have always screened with real world information, and will continue doing so. If this precludes many of you from visiting with me then so be it. I care more about my health, happiness, safety and security than many it seems. I realize men have something to lose if anything was to go awry with the provider he has given personal information to, but that is what verifying her reputation before doing so is for. Not to mention, that yes, maybe your life could be damaged socially or professionally, but have any of you ever heard of providers, themselves, killing, raping or beating clients? We simply have more to lose as we have all the things you have to worry about along with the rest and more of what I just stated. I have said it many times before… if you have so much to lose, perhaps find a safer hobby such as golf. I turn down far more appointments these days than the ones I take. I have no choice but to as there is so much paranoia surrounding screening, I simply can’t get what I need to feel safe most of the time anymore. Where is the paranoia coming from? Where is the data to back up the stated "facts" that if you give your information to established, well known reputable providers that your life and well being is in jeopardy? I know of only 3 women who were major problems in this community in 12 years of being in it. When I started in this business… there was an underlying respect and trust between client and provider. Screening services have motive to scare people with thoughts of blackmail and being outed because it drives business their way. Don’t get me wrong, I use and appreciate these services, but to put the fear into the client base, making it virtually impossible to screen outside of their services is just self serving and has done nothing to perpetuate harmony between us all. Ladies please worry about your safety above all else. Gentlemen, please understand that the majority of us are not looking to damage you in any way. I know the nature of this board. I know how nasty many people can be. I know how client-centric it is, so feel free to flame away. The great thing about having the established reputation of a long time, well reviewed and reputable provider is that I don’t have to pander to people to get business. On that note… have a wonderful, prosperous and safe weekend! Fondly, Alex Joy
  9. Giving providers like this a second chance does nothing but encourage them to continue acting like this, and is an insult to the ladies who actually do their job very well. If she had been unattractive... what would you have done? Would you even be considering this for a second? What did she bring to the table other than being attractive?
  10. Clients who are late?

    My rule is, if you contact me before the start time of your scheduled appointment to let me know you are running late, schedule permitting, I will start the time when you arrive. If you don't contact me before the start time, I will give you the best time I can in the time left in the original session, so show up 10 mins late, you get 20 mins. I would not mention this to the client at the time, I just do the session and end it accordingly. It's about respect for each other's time. When you call, you show respect, when you don't it shows it doesn't matter to you, so you getting your full session doesn't matter to me.
  11. Careful with your info, gentlemen

    Sometimes the biggest problem makers in a community are the ones shouting the loudest to not to do certain things.
  12. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    In all the time I have been around, and yes, it's been a while, I have had maybe 1 or 2 wives or girlfriends contact me. I probably ask for more screening information than most any other woman on the board, and am super diligent in my screening. Funny how many problems can arise when you open yourself up to visiting someone when using the 2 references, or the like, as screening. I personally don't think this is a large issue in this business. I find drama follows those who look for it.