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  1. What have I ever done to you?😂😂😂
  2. What did I miss? ( dick pics not counting)😉 Mannn, I had a joke in mind- a great one- but, damn it, I can't remember it... I also have some very strong opinions, not on BP shutting down , but on all those "poor me/us/them" posts that read more like another form of self-promoting ...but my new year resolution is no cussing, so fuck it, I will bite my tongue tonight... 😘 Sleep tight Biatchesssss! Don't forget to turn your phones off!
  3. Outs Vs Ins

    This sounds like you got set the fuck up. I offer outcall but you must be a top client that I trust. I will not put myself in a situation for a bust.
  4. References

    I have had this issue also. I went to compose a pm and start typing there user name and you will get a list of whom is similar by name pop up below whom you're composing a pm to. This is the only way I could find there profile. I have looked at other members profiles this way but have yet to find the members list. I only can see whom is online. Is there a members list that is accessible?
  5. "You're just a hooker."

    @TrystinTrimble we got what you wanted from your 1st post, this is what you don't understand, but it feels like you think everyone is stupid so you had to repeat the same thing over and over again. And your posts are way too long, boo! We know you have a rich vocabulary, but belive you me, even I got bored with your letters. I don't know how long you've been in the business, and this place is used with newbies asking/wining about the same things again and again. Hey,that happened , you delt with it, then came here and let people know what bothered you , cool! Now let it go! The ladies lost their temper because you kept going on and on about standards, respect,etc and you come off condescending. Every one of the ladies I've met has standards, baby , higher standards than what you're trying to accomplish ...and a good education, and more balls ( no pun intended) than 90% of the civilian population. So in your world, you might be the most ( insert positive adjectives here) and the best ( repeat action here,if you feel the need)... but here you're one of many. You can't come here to beg for standards when the standards already existing are higher , and you sure as hell can't ask for respect ,you gotta earn it... hopefully you get this: you complaining about being called a hooker on a hooker board, is ok once. smh we get it, we've all been there. You thinking we have no standards, because we choose to deal with it differently, and have no respect for ourselves ( obviously, since you ask for it repeatedly and not getting it,we must not know what respect is) is what the girls have a problem with... There's a cross to carry 24/7 in this industry, ( and after) and we do that with grace. There's also a thing called reputation ( you don't have one yet, and I would take advantage of it, if I were you).And there's this elusive thing called respect, that, until now, you haven't earned. Quick FREE tip: reviews are important. People don't care how cute ,smart, skinny you are. They care about getting sucked and fucked, and how great you are at it. Actions speak lauder than words.... Don't talk about it, be about it.... something around these lines is what makes you reputable. If the girls ( me included) have hurt your feelings, then you have some thinking to do, because you're not as strong as you'd like to believe, and this life will either make you stronger than you ever thought you could be, or it will fuck you up, and I would hate to hear how yet another girl is addicted to some type of poison, because she couldn't take it. 😐 Good luck to you! PS: make sure you don't have the time to get on the board every week . This doesn't get you paid. If you're not busy, then you need to figure out how to get busy. And have a retirement plan and a savings account, and pay your taxes 😉 People say hooking is easy money, but don't confuse "easy" with "quick ".
  6. Whasssssssup!

    Yummmmmm on Brad Pitt spanking! Me 3! Or y'all can come see me. I have a blond wig somewhere...will cut some hair,slap some glue on my face, and ta-daaa! All you gotta do is fantasize about Brad . I'll take care of the spanking 😜
  7. @Kandi Apple girl, I forgot how crazy and funny you can get online. I guess I gotta keep those fingers of yours busy...hmm mm @Melissa Sterling always a lady ☺ @ everyone else What's up, people? What's new one this board? I missed your sexy/handsome hooker/johns assess!💋💋💋💋💋
  8. Haggling...never liked that word Negotiating? Oh, I love it! That's what I do for a living, and with all the modesty I can muster, I am really good at it! Yet, escorting is my escape, my release,not my job . And because I have a limited time to enjoy it, I try my best to respect everyone's time and schedule, and I post my rates. Now, I might be guilty of having different rates on different sites, since my go to one is P411...if that's the case, I apologize 😘😘😘
  9. Just curious Is this big for business? Or is it a pain in the ass to research every link she has to finally find out what she is asking for her donation? My insight is I would move on to the next....
  10. Happy B-day Kandi

    I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Kandi! I wish you all the happiness in the world, and as much fun in the bedroom, as you want to have. I love you, girl! PS: I would put up pictures of hot guys and gals, and cakes with candles, and glittery Happy Birthday wishes, but you already know me sucks at all that stuff
  11. WWYD?

    I'm very talkative this morning ...STRAIGHT OUTTA CHARACTER I have a friend I refuse to see anymore, for no other reason than money. It's not what you think. He has gotten so deep into the hobby world, he is pulling $ out of the college and retirement funds. I know it should not be my concern where the $ are coming from, but I can't help it. I am far from being the only asp he is /was seeing ( he likes variety ) . Am I wrong for cutting him off? I tried talking him into seeking professional help, to no avail. I don't want to be one of the reasons his life is going downhill WWYD?
  12. Would use a credit card ?

    Never. Why try fixing something that is not broken?
  13. I am the type of girl who doesn't believe in re-gifting. I keep everything I receive, even if it might not be my taste. . . They bring back awesome memories . The tips I received, were such a nice surprise, that I keep that too...in CD's... What I gifted over the years are little things like funny socks, silk boxers , Broncos gear, cupcakes, chocolate( that's how I keep my figure ) to an extra 1/2 hour free time on sessions (I found that is the most appreciated gift ).
  14. Cool thread! I can't give 1 example really, since every time I work, I feel like the birthday girl. . . I am so fortune to have seen some of the greatest men out there, and I am going to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the laughs,compliments,flowers, bottles of wine,cheese, shoes, lingerie, dresses, trips,massages... but most of all, thank you for the lessons you taught me and the advices you gave me. All of you have contributed to the making of the woman I am today... and for that, I will be forever grateful. . . Happy birthday to me!
  15. Ughhhh. ... I hate it when I am a Biachhh! !! TW, and all the people who have worked hard to do this, please accept my apologies. You didn't deserve this, I lost track of being a lady, and to be honest, the site looks way better on my prosurface3. . . Just a lot of changes in a short time period, overwhelming, and. . . I am sorry