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  1. Miranda 831-421-2482 Colorado Body Rubs Any info, getting ready to book. Help Thanks
  2. 411 - Miranda Here's the link, sorry😁
  3. Thank you

    Read a recent post of thankfulness. I would like to ad thank you to the beautiful ladies that take the time to prepare for our visits. Your well groomed, clean, dressed sexy, but most of all a fun, kind, sexy as hell attitude. To the men let's return the favor, with our positive kind interaction with these special ladies. I'm sure they deal with a lot of BS. These visits or appointments are a great for me, I prepare myself and my past wonderful times are a result of mutual respect. Thank you to the good ones, ladies I'm sure you know who you are.😘
  4. Thank you

    Ah, ok... thank you for the info... Im only on here sporadically, I guess I've never hit that limit in a day, so I was unaware of it. I agree not sure what that meant🤣.
  5. Thanks to you

    Excellent it's about respect, thank you sweetheart....
  6. asian Colorado Escort Anyone familiar with these ads or this particular lady. Legit or not. Thanks friends
  7. Playlists for Sessions

    Pretty Lady by Rebelution, great slow reggae fuck music.😎
  8. What to do

    Gestalt is always right.
  9. Hi People!

    Ana I miss you. Come see me, your what's missing. Kisses
  10. western slope grrr...

    Demi I've seen you a few times in Grand Junction, your my favorite local Lady and very sweet....sorry about some family problems your having or unexpected emergencies.....just wanted to say I'm BIG FAN. Please stay around your a gem in an otherwise rock quarry.
  11. Western Slope

    Does the Grand Junction area just suck for provider's to come this way from Denver. Are the dudes dicks or rude, or they cheap, is it just to far to drive, are they flakes, do we not prebook, have you had LE problems. Just curious, we do get an upscale, well reviewed provider's once and a while and I'm happy for that, for those that come this way....thanks. Just wondering
  12. Vegas

    Hello, heading to Vegas looking for recommendations thought this would be easy it's Vegas right, not so much even with my diligence. Looking for a beautiful fun asian. Thanks
  13. New to the site and will be my first visit to denver!

    I totally understand, Justina I see wonderful ladies that advertise for the western slope then cancel because dudes seem to not follow through. Maybe come here for another reason then make a few bucks on the side while visiting.
  14. New to the site and will be my first visit to denver!

    No one ever thinks of Grand Junction...
  15. Boulder Talent?!?

    You can't go wrong with Justina trust me. Justina you should come to Grand Junction.
  16. fort collins

    Hello friends, headed to Fort Collins next week never been there whats fun to do and any ladies worth seeing or massage parlors....PM me if you don't mind. TIA:D
  17. fort collins

    So if I understand, saying a first name could be informative for LE, but all the reviews in here don't matter. Hmmmm
  18. fort collins

    Thanks I went with Justina....awesome time :-)
  19. Traveling!!

    Yes come to grand junction, it's only 4 hours away we will treat you nicely.
  20. fort collins

    I guess I don't post here enough to even get a response, come on man.
  21. Alarm bells??

    I have seen Ana and Kandi together and hands down one of the best experiences I have had. Would love to do it again.
  22. Western Slope Love

    Hey Ladies, how about hop in your ride take a drive to the Western Slope. Go skiing at P-horn, get a massage or let me massage you. Come on over many of us need some love over here....
  23. Happy Birthday Kandi Apple !!!

    Hope your birthday was awesome, because you are.
  24. You should make a stop in Grand Junction, we are neglected here:)