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  1. Kik

    Yeah. I was just curious if enough men fell for this.
  2. Kik

    Yes, you are correct. This is what I am talking about. I personally feel it's a total scam. Do enough people fall for this that they make enough money to continue to do it? It's all over KiK. It's a whole business. Not individual ladies. The ladies work for an entity. ( if they are indeed ladies) most likely not even local or even in the area. Some poor schmuck sends them money or a gift card or whatever to meet. But do they ever meet and if they do is it actually who they are talking to? My guess is they are chatting with someone in a room in some far off location. And if there is someone they meet then she is just sitting in a room waiting for a text saying " so in so is on there way". And I don't need to tell you what that means. That's a whole different topic.
  3. Kik

    It's kik. Messenger app. There discussion groups you can participate in. All varieties of topic/groups. Local groups etc. Some have ladies and you can meet them but the ask for half up front. Seems shady and quite possibly not real. They are all over the site. Was just curious if that's the way the hobby was heading.
  4. Kik

    Hello all, Been a longtime since I've been on here. Been out of the hobby so to speak. I have a question. Now mind you I don't plan on using this topic I have a question about. Just curious. On a certain messenger platform they have groups where you send a lovely lady some gratitude before meeting her. ( trying to be careful with my wording here). Is this the new way of doing things? I understand some ladies requiring deposits but this does not seem like that. Just curious if anyone has any insight on this subject. Thank you!
  5. Taking chances with secret encounters

    If you want to get caught...go for it.
  6. Drone surveillance or phone tracking for "virus"

    Like I said..who is to say they do not already to this.
  7. Drone surveillance or phone tracking for "virus"

    Who says that already does not happen?
  8. Greeley Lexi

    Can not add much but I did exchange emails with her a few weeks ago. That is all. Sorry. Please keep us posted if you pull the trigger.
  9. Incorrect review

    BTW...I did not inquire about the session. My question was not about the session. He offered that to me unsolicited. If he would of just answered my question then that would of been all.
  10. Incorrect review

    Not my intention , nor do I feel I threw anyone under the bus. This board is about information. How can people make a decision if the reviews are not honest? Some poor newbie may read that and it may be deciding factor in pulling the trigger or not. We can go back and forth about this and get way off topic. I appreciate the insight from some of your responses. Have a great weekend.
  11. Incorrect review

    I thought same thing. Why write a review at all?
  12. Incorrect review

    Hello all. Not sure if this is the correct title for this subject. But anywho. The other day I read a review for a certain provider. The review was a good/positive review of this certain provider. Won't name names. But if you have been on here awhile you can figure it out. Very polarizing. Anyway. The reviewer gives a thumbs up. Blah blah blah. Also stated to inquire if you more info. I inquire...the reviewer proceeds to tell me all sorts of negative things about his session with said provider. None of which are mentioned in review. Fairly important details too. I told reviewer they should of stayed these things in review instead of making it sound like the session was great. Why would someone do this? That is all.
  13. have you ever had this happen?

    To the OP....How is legalization gonna help you tell your gf things you experienced with a SW. Unless of course you weren't dating your gf or married to your wife at the time you saw this SW.
  14. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    Perfectly said. I just did not feel like getting so detailed in my previous post.
  15. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    I do not trust public ones either but there is a chance they are better maintained. But I generally avoid those as well. Just my preference.