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  1. Every morning a new arrival...

    Thanks for the poem. Too often we greet the happy visitors but not the uncomfortable ones... Keep on trying to be positive and deal with whatever life throws our way........
  2. Where is your happy??

    I'll take a number 5, with a side of Blue Heeler, and a quarter horse for dessert!!!
  3. Slow and Sensual, or hard and fast

    OMG.. I've been on the sidelines too long!! .. My type of lady!!
  4. Snow

    If I lived in Denver I'd bring my snowblower by every time it snowed....
  5. You know that feeling...

    Absolutely correct Hunter. You know it was great when the smile goes on for miles.... I still have memories that bring a smile...
  6. Useless reviews

    So what exactly is a "contributor to the community "?? I guess I missed the checklist for how many months you have to belong to TOB, how many reviews you need to have, and how many time you need to "post" before you can be taken "seriously " on the board........ There are actually some members who quietly use the board for information and post reviews when they have a session. Some of us don't feel the need have posted 2,600 times and feel like that makes me something special...... Peace out......
  7. How dolled up do you like your girl

    Like everyone else, no perfume please.. Always include thigh-highs and heels. And if you are dressing up, please make the bra, panties and lingerie match. I like to "unwrap" the package the first time. Maybe naked with stockings and heels as a surprise in later sessions.... More than anything, have fun and take pride in your appearance, whatever it is. And that goes for the guys as well.....
  8. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    Laci, the anticipation and fantasizing about how the session might unfold is all part of the waiting process for me.... Good things cum to those who wait....😉 It's like the two bulls standing on a hill looking down on a herd of heifers. The young bull says "Let's run down and breed one of the heifers"! The old bull say "Let's walk down and breed a bunch of them"!!
  9. Multiple Shots on Goal

    I second that emotion.........😁😁
  10. Snapchat Verification

    Hell, I'm lucky I don't screw up texting (darn autocorrect!!), let alone try to figure out some face-time application....🤔🤔 And it wouldn't be a good idea to ask the grandkids teach me......😲😲
  11. Missing escorting after retirement....

    Sweet Ashley was one of my ATFs...... I only saw her a couple of times but she was a gem!! I believe I even gave her a gift of high heels... Anyway, it is wonderful to know she is doing well...

    I agree with Laci... . I don't believe I've ever met a breast I didn't like!!!
  13. HELP!!!

    That seems like such a reasonable request..😉
  14. Labor Day Weekend....

    Colorado Springs hot air balloon festival. I'm watching from my office window as a few float by right now....
  15. Phone issues...

    Hi Bella. I know a lot of people spend lots of time trying to find lower prices on their phones and switch every so often. I have been using Verizon for about 10 years with no problems. I probably pay more, but I'm sticking with it. Good luck.