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Found 1 result

  1. Missing escorting after retirement....

    Hi Everyone! I want to respond to Celeste’s post in another thread about missing escorting after retirement because I can relate to her feelings. I hope you don’t mind that I respond in a new thread, Celeste 😘 I have been “retired” for 11 years now. I retired because I fell in love with one of my clients and we got married. It was mutual and we are still very happily married, so yes, client/provider relationships CAN work! 😜 I love my husband more than I miss that part of my life though, and I have no regrets about retiring. I would never give up my husband or the amazing life we now have together. I just want to make that clear 😍 But like you, Celeste, I can’t help but look back with fond memories on my escorting days. I do miss it at times! I miss SO many things about it. I miss the excitement of it all.... The excitement of meeting new clients, and the thrill and comfort of seeing repeat clients who became my friends. I miss hearing my clients interesting stories and sharing experiences with them. I miss the fun times I had with SO many of my clients, as well as other providers. 2 Girl sessions were fun!!! 😜💄💋 I have SO many stories I could tell....good, funny, HOTT, sad, and even bad and scary stories. One thing I know is that everything that happens makes a good story no matter what, and I can look back on all of them and either smile or breathe a sigh of relief. During my 5 years of escorting though, I am thankful that I only have 3 bad or scary stories I could tell. I miss the power of seduction I had with so many men. The feeling of power and control escorts have over a client can be addicting, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. There’s nothing like the thrill of getting dressed up and having a client appreciate your beauty and sex appeal, and desire to be with you. The feeling of being adored is intoxicating! I miss the gifts I would sometimes receive, whether they be a bottle of wine, flowers, perfume, lingerie, or jewelry. It always made me feel so special that a gentleman would go that extra mile for me. I miss getting to see new places, whether it be a posh hotel I’ve never seen or the inside of a client’s home. I miss the parties and the meet n greets. We had some really good ones back when I was working, didn’t we?!? 😜 SO much of escorting is fun, but I also miss the business aspect of it. The flexible schedule, the autonomy of being my own boss, and the money. I won’t lie, I can’t help but sometimes miss making the same amount of money that I could make in a day or two that it could take someone to make in 1 to 2 weeks working a normal job. Money is a powerful thing! Even before I became an escort, I was fascinated by that lifestyle for years. I am still fascinated by it. I am glad I did it and I wouldn’t change a thing! ❤️ I am still in contact with a few of my good friends I made through this industry, and I am thankful for that and for their friendship. Besides making lifelong friends, I also get to live vicariously through their adventures! 😜 Ashley 💋