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  1. Frustrated

    If you would like a full refund, please contact P411 support and say "Gina approved a full refund on TOB".... and it shall be done. However, if the screening agents have decided you need references to be approved, that's the final verdict. Always, Gina
  2. Wow, it's gotta be...

  3. Bitcoin

    I find bitcoin very interesting, and while it's a bit of a pain in the butt, it's interesting. Although I've never used this method, you can purchase bitcoin anonymously through the following site, which is a little bit like ebay for bitcoin: I think the most "anonymous"" way to purchase them, is to meet someone at a Starbucks and do the transfer that way (into an anonymous wallet), but like anything it's not 100% failproof (in multiple ways). The fluctuation in price can go either way.... I collected a bunch of bitcoin when it was around $380, and now it's worth about $600. So the fluctuation really isn't anything to totally freak out about, unless you are just buying exactly the amount of bitcoin you need to make a single purchase. I hold an amount, more for shits and giggles than anything else, and to see what happens. Always, Gina
  4. New French's now illegal to purchase sex in France

    Jeepers, time flies. The law was passed in December 2014, not this last December!
  5. New French's now illegal to purchase sex in France

    My personal opinion is that this type of law (legal to sell sex, illegal to purchase sex) is just a sham to appease the voters, while giving LE a strong option to turn their heads when consensual paid sex is occurring. After all, no client will be arrested for paying for sex with a legitimate, well established provider because it occurs behind closed doors. Providers wouldn't have any reason to "work with LE" because they aren't doing anything illegal. I really think it's just a farce and there will be absolutely no push to arrest clients in the countries that pass these laws. They are only in place to make the government appear as though they do not approve, while making it easy for the activities to continue unfettered between consenting adults. Canada passed a similar law last December, and the fallout is unseen. There have been NO sweeping arrests of clients.... and providers continue to work without fear of arrest. Always, Gina
  6. P411 provider screening

    I will always say that while we do the best we can to verify that everyone on P411 is a legitimate member of the community, with no intent to cause harm, our methods are not foolproof. P411 is only intended to be used as one tool in the verification process. Please do as much additional screening and research as you feel is necessary, to keep yourself safe. Always, Gina
  7. Is P411 down for anyone else?

    We're working on it, we really f*cked things up with this update and are working to roll it back. Sorry for the trouble! Always, Gina
  8. Comcast censoring p411?

    We were experiencing some DNS issues that now appear to rectified. Fingers crossed! Thanks for your patience. Always, Gina
  9. How did you find this site?

    OMG I almost totally forgot about that old board, The UDB (Unmoderated Denver Board). Hahaha how funny to think that I thought there could be an "unmoderated" board that wouldn't turn into a shitpile. Me, I found EscortAmerica and Decadent City in 1997, moved over to SoWet when Decadent City went poof. Started up the UDB after my fall out with RT, gave up on the UDB idea and helped T.O. get TOB started in 1999 (I think). Ahh, memories...... it's funny to think back and remember how tiny the online escort community was back then, even nationwide. Always, Gina
  10. Victoria BP

    Obviously someone in California is using stolen photos, some of which were the same photos that Victoria was using on BP. I'm not sure where the connection is that it's the same person behind the photos though.... please let me know if I'm missing something. But I see totally different contact information being used, in completely different states, which would indicate two different people using the same set of photos. Also, please note that for a provider to have an account on P411, she has to submit identification for age verification. Take what you will from that information. Always, Gina
  11. Should you ask if you don't see a donation

    Please be aware that LE requires that discussion (rates/services) to take place in person, otherwise they will have no case. Contrary to popular belief, LE will never attempt to have the rates/service discussion during the booking process. They know that doing so will usually spook their target, and they need that face to face contact to have a solid case anyway. Also, there is nothing illegal about SELLING TIME, and there is nothing to fear from discussing your rates for your time.... particularly if that discussion is done via email, text or telephone. After all, it's pretty hard to prove who's fingers do the typing, or who's voice is at the other end of the line. Always, Gina
  12. Victoria BP

    The BP photos are stolen, the P411 photos are legitimate (imo). Sometimes there is a bit of a learning curve, I wouldn't throw her into the fire just yet. Time will tell! Always, Gina
  13. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    I know that I've never said that all LE activity is a waste of money. However, I do feel that spending money to arrest a whole bunch of people for prostitution, when the real goal is to find victims of pimps and human trafficking, is ridiculous. It actually is possible for LE to focus on the true criminals of the industry, without criminalizing the entire industry of prostitution. In fact, if they turned their focus directly to human trafficking (instead of on prostitution) they would probably have much better success, since the participants in the community (namely providers) would feel much more comfortable going to the authorities when confronted by pimps or being aware of possible human trafficking.
  14. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    I haven't seen anyone suggest there there are no true victims of human trafficking, and I'm pretty sure that no one has ever said that no resources should be devoted to the true victims. However, I (and many others, and probably including you) feel that there is a major problem when 100% of the resources goes towards casting a huge net, that for the most part traps grown women who are making their own choices regarding their sex lives. That they are able to ferret out a handful of "victims" (I put it in quotes, because the true victims are only a percentage of the "victims") from casting such a wide net is NOT OKAY. It is actually possible to deal with pimping and human trafficking, without prostitution itself being illegal. Here in Canada they have been doing a bang-up job arresting pimps while leaving the providers alone (it's still legal to sell sex!), even since the law changed in December. I agree that we should be self policing. I agree that we should care more about our fellow human beings. I also think that if commercial sex was ever legalized, there should be a minimum age of 25 years placed on it. Jumping up and down pointing fingers at one another is pointless. We are all different, we all have different perspectives, and we all have different opinions. But the majority of us wish no harm on another person. We just want to be able to live our lives, having sex with whomever we choose for whatever reason we choose. Otherwise, we are not free.
  15. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    I'm quite certain that no one is defending actual trafficking that does occur in this industry. However, when you are talking about native-born Independent providers, who are well above the age of majority, the percentage of actual trafficking instances are extremely small. Personally, I'm pissed off to no end that adult women, having made a choice based on their own free will, are being labeled "victims" and legally persecuted if they don't fly the banner of the paternalist and religious forces that wish to control women and their sexual choices. This "human trafficking" band wagon parades (usually young immigrant) women out as though they are morons incapable of making a decision on their own, and the general public eats it up like it's dinner. If they are truly victims, then that should be dealt with accordingly, but let's not forget just how good that T-visa sounds to these women too. They do have a brain, after all. Of course there are some awful things that go on in this industry. There are laws that cover assault, kidnapping, larceny, hostage taking, sexual abuse, pimping, etc. and they should most certainly be put into play when there are abuses occurring. However, to label ALL (or most) providers as victims of human trafficking is ridiculous, and to arrest and prosecute them unless they march to that drum, even more so. The reality is that the vast majority of providers targeted and affected by this ongoing crusade are NOT victims of human trafficking, even if some of them use that story as a tactic to get out of whatever trouble they might find themselves when caught up in a sting. I've been there myself, and lied my way out of more than one sticky situation by playing the sweet little Miss Innocent. The waters are very muddy. I would suggest that if our community were able to come out from the shadows legally, more of us would be willing to report situations where we suspect abuses are going on. And while the clients might be so depraved that they would have sex with anyone who seems to be a willing participant, it's unlikely another provider would overlook a similar situation IF she could feel confident that she wouldn't find herself in hot water for shining a light on herself by sharing what she knows. All people in this industry, regardless of their circumstance, deserves to be safe and respected. Providers can be "rescued" from situations if need be, without criminalizing the activities of those who do not need rescuing.