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  1. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    My hope is that Laci enjoys the "Sweetheart of the Year" award that I'm certain all that have had the pleasure agree she deserves.
  2. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I had a similar experience. All was well for 2 hour session until I asked if she'd like to go out to dinner....then BOOM, 3 or 4 REALLY nasty texts. Baffling!!!
  3. Halloween

    Me - dirty old man, her - slutty teen. No need to buy costumes.
  4. 411 - Miranda

    Saw her today in Grand Junction. Real, interesting and fun. She has boundaries and a routine...let her be her and you'll enjoy your time.
  5. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    Go for sushi. Sit at the bar. Chat.
  6. If sexual styles are just completely different...

    Classiest woman I know. Love you Laci.
  7. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    Everyone is ignorant, just on different subjects.
  8. 411 on BP's Alexis

    Seen her as Jasmine and Alexis. She is the real deal, beautiful, young and sexy. You can't go wrong.
  9. Advice Please.

    Hey Doll, Wow, I'm flattered. How is the dog food?
  10. 411 (p)411 on KYLIEK100 or P185582

    Saw her in Ft Collins 5/6 month ago. Disappointing.
  11. Willow - any feedback?

    I have known Willow for awhile (since her UTR) days and she is incredibly beautiful, caring and satisfying. Her personality is silly and adventurous, yet thoughtful. She sincerely wants both her and her companion to walk away thrilled after their paths have crossed. In a word the woman is awesome. If you respect her boundaries, you will have one of those encounters that will resonate whenever you scroll through your past. PM me if you need more info.
  12. FBSM

    Willow. She will blow your mind. Seriously....
  13. looking for splecialty

    Willow is your girl. TOB ad. 100%
  14. Taming it down.

    Willow on TOB is who you're looking for
  15. Ladies On western slope Breckenridge

    Sent PM