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  1. CrystalBliss

    She's back, P411
  2. FBSM Recommendations

  3. Members you miss

  4. Am I the only one...

    ...that feels that the most authentic and awesome smile you will see on a woman occurs a few seconds post orgasm?
  5. Question for the Grill Masters

    a bit OCD if you ask me. The caveman has certainly (overly) evolved.
  6. Price increase.

    Seller sets price, buyer chooses to pay or not. Whining is unattractive
  7. I've missed you loveys...where have I been?

    In my mind
  8. New Platform/Clarity

    What's the big deal? Just don't click on the link, nothing else has changed
  9. Do Providers Every Travel to SW CO?

    Yes it is
  10. To clock watch or not to clock watch?

    Try letting the time unfold organically might surprise you to get out of your routine.
  11. John Lewis RIP

    A true American hero
  12. 411 on Kat Green

    We have a free market economy here. Seller chooses the rate that brings them desired outcome. Often times a higher rate will keep volume to a provider's liking or discourage types of clients they wish to avoid. As a client we choose those with a rate we are comfortable with. If any of this does not work for the individual, we are all free to change our parameters. My best to you, Kat.
  13. Unreliable - confirmed the day of.

    The client equivaiiant is a NS review. We all get to identify the bad apples. It's a pretty level playing field, checks and balances
  14. Client face picture

    Would you, as a provider, like to see this or do you enjoy the surprise?
  15. You'll Never Walk Alone

    NASCAR deserves praise for not playing to their base, a lesson others should take note of. This is the UNITED States of America, let's not forget that.