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  1. Thought you were a Munchin' Bruncher.....
  2. Question for the Gents

    Had this experience once...and it was a bit awkward as I was chatting with my new friend and it soon became obvious that the text chats with who I had thought was her had not been passed on. At first she tried to cover her ass, but then copped to having a booker. Prolly better to be up front with that info or for the booker to screen shot the texts. BTW the date was fabulous.
  3. Does size really matter to you?

    Love the One You're With was written by Stephen Stills for a solo album. Performed by Crosby, Stills and Nash as well, but sorry, Neil Young, although one of the most versatile of our senior rockers, was not involved.
  4. Why do guys keep ignoring bad reviews?

    The guys that perplex me are the 15 minute sessions that say "seemed 3G to me" Well, duh, you asked for it.
  5. Pussy is not free.....g

    ^^^^I could not agree more^^^^
  6. 411 Victoria Wright and Nikole West

    My review for Victoria posted. Guys, she will be back.
  7. Preemptive Morgan Ann 411

    ^^^^With that thought in mind, Christmas is around the corner, but you'll have to meet Santa on the roof, or maybe just wait for the Easter Bunny.^^^^
  8. 411 Victoria Wright and Nikole West

    I do not know Nikole, but have known Victoria for a while. I can testify she is real and will blow you away. Nikole is her traveling companion, who I assume is just as real. As for the rate, Victoria spoke to her and Nikole showed her a delivered text stating a different overnight donation. Hope this helps, but bottom line is I can tell you from experience, you will not be disappointed.
  9. New user

    ^^^ Well said
  10. can someone please...

    No kidding, what just happened here.
  11. Guest

    Are you saying he passed?
  12. How to view all provider profiles?

    Is there a way to view all profiles (whether or not they post listings)?
  13. No Love for AA?

    I'm certain quite a few men on this board choose not to see AA women. If a lady gets an inquiry from someone with many reviews, but no AA providers among them, does that info factor into the lady's choice? Is this the same moral issue as a provider saying no AA and a lover of all women having a moral issue with booking that provider?
  14. Weird coincidence?

    Tonight, 9:56 PM
  15. Weird coincidence?

    This happens every day, most often between 1 and 3 AM and often in daylight hours as well. Always 3-5 ads posted at the same time, to the minute, often the same girls, no reviews. Once you see them, you can't miss the MO.