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  1. 411 for Gia foxx

    I have not visited with the young lady, but the 12 positive reviews and the smokin' hot pics would give me no hesitation if I had the inclination to see her.
  2. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    Seems like LB's history shows no hesitance to give a negative or so-so review. I'd have to give cred point to his impression of this enigmatic lady. Seems like it may be a totally authentic YMMV for this young'un. As long as she provides service, it is up to her (and her true passions) whether or not to turn it up a notch. Just a guess. Got game?
  3. Multi-orgasmic

    Any suggestions?
  4. Escort license.... ive had one in the past

    If you read the statute, licensed escorts need to keep records for a year on all clients(ID, address of outcall, time spent, etc.). Don't think this will fly.
  5. Has anyone seen NikkL lately

    Haven't visited, but her P411 ad seems to answer your questions.
  6. Ads Gone?? No, update Bug:/(FIXED)

    Donation Rate no longer available in info drop-down either.
  7. 411 on Alba from Privlege agency

    Looks like she's in Kansas City tonight.
  8. Long Term Arrangements

    TOB SB sans exclusivity. If you feel it, ask, make an offer. The stars will align if the time is right. Ya got nothin' to lose.
  9. Happy birthday Laci

    My best to a special lady who brings out the best in all whose lives she touches. Thank you Laci for being who you are.
  10. Question for all you BDSM People

  11. Hotels with in-room Jacuzzi?

    Comfort Inn and Suites - DTC
  12. 411 Babybee

    You might want to peruse her Instagram pics. Just Sayin'.....
  13. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    My hope is that Laci enjoys the "Sweetheart of the Year" award that I'm certain all that have had the pleasure agree she deserves.
  14. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I had a similar experience. All was well for 2 hour session until I asked if she'd like to go out to dinner....then BOOM, 3 or 4 REALLY nasty texts. Baffling!!!
  15. Halloween

    Me - dirty old man, her - slutty teen. No need to buy costumes.