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  1. can someone please...

    No kidding, what just happened here.
  2. Guest

    Are you saying he passed?
  3. How to view all provider profiles?

    Is there a way to view all profiles (whether or not they post listings)?
  4. No Love for AA?

    I'm certain quite a few men on this board choose not to see AA women. If a lady gets an inquiry from someone with many reviews, but no AA providers among them, does that info factor into the lady's choice? Is this the same moral issue as a provider saying no AA and a lover of all women having a moral issue with booking that provider?
  5. Weird coincidence?

    Tonight, 9:56 PM
  6. Weird coincidence?

    This happens every day, most often between 1 and 3 AM and often in daylight hours as well. Always 3-5 ads posted at the same time, to the minute, often the same girls, no reviews. Once you see them, you can't miss the MO.
  7. Dinner and some s...

    It's been a thing for years. Some ladies charge their companionship rate, some less, some just enjoy a fine meal. I always allow my companions to choose the spot. There are YLs that don't do public time for personal reasons. Respect boundaries, ask nicely and you can usually enjoy a meal together. To me, this is especially helpful on a first encounter. It allows time for a personal exchange to get some insight into your new friend's character, personality, etc. and vice versa. The anticipation of things to come is also a world class aphrodisiac, Sex is good, but far better if the grey matter is involved.
  8. Live and learn

    Past behavior(reviews) does come off as sketchy, but if you check recent (past 6 months) history, I would tend to believe this YL had an epiphany of sorts and her services seem to be consistently better. She seems to have learned from her errors (which must certainly affected her earnings). I think being tarred by an old brush somewhat unfair in light of recent reviews. People deserve a second chance. So, until we hear from her, the OP's story is not too convincing (to me, at least).At the least, he's a bit of a whiner, at worst a boundary crossing manipulator. Seems to me there was no appointment. I don't know YL and have no intention of changing that, so no dog in the hunt here.
  9. A sad day indeed:: John McCain

    I'm an Obama guy, couldn't agree more. Principal, Principal, Principal. RIP
  10. Hey Guys, New to Colorado, Loving TOB :)

    Let me be the first to welcome you. I am smitten.
  11. Question About Excuses.

    You know its most likely a lie, just move on.
  12. Netflix and chill by myself is my happy place

    The Americans, I watch on Amazon Prime.
  13. Long time ago

    RE: your classmate. I'd love to know how that played out.
  14. Lady's Choice

    In my scenario, the woman chooses, the men pay for what they had advertised for.
  15. Lady's Choice

    You know I would cook for you anytime Luv