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  1. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Today is The Blue Bonnet’s 50th Anniversary. Headed there now for a Beef Chimi and a Nega Modelo.
  2. Remembering My Hero, Dr. Martin Luther King

    I don’t have Hero’s per se, I do have what I call “The Man” list. It actually has more women on it than men but a solid mix of people doing the right thing at the right time for no reason except that it is the right thing to do. Martin Luther King is at the top of my list.
  3. Best Local Denver restaurants

    I like how SouthPark fans who are not from here ask about Casa Bonita like it’s some amazing place. Feel bad when they learn the truth.
  4. Best Local Denver restaurants

    I have been a UTR guy on here since the site beginings and had to re-register in 15 when the site changed enough I could not recall my PW etc. Anyway in all the years I have never posted anything but reviews and those in limited numbers. But this thread forced me out of my shell a bit because my ATF favorite restaurant has come up a couple of times. I have been going to Blue Bonnet since the late 80s and have only had one thing on the menu all these years. Beef Chimichanga and that with the house chips and salsa is all I ever need or want. Plus a Negra Modela of course. Cosmo