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  1. AMP teviews

    If anyone knows of any good amps please shoot me a pm have been to 1 in about 5 years. And it wasn’t overall a good experience
  2. Has anyone seen Vivi in Boulder?

    Add in its practically a bait and switch agency. Your probably better off using one of the off brand sites like stg can’t be much worse
  3. Info on this one

    Anyone seen her or found anything?
  4. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Whoever does the booking is fing terrible and needs to quit I’m in disbelief at how bad they are
  5. 3 YL traveling (PD)

    I have tried to contact all 3 and at some point all 3 stopped talking. No way on how to get verified or any of the basic stuff. Usually if not always a major red flag
  6. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Anyone have info on ivy?
  7. Melissa

    That’s not the right person. The one I was talking about most have taken down here ad
  8. Melissa

    Melissa 317-936-0605 Colorado Companion Anyone seen her?
  9. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Wondering myself has anyone have anything?
  10. Lily Rose -Denver

    A link would help
  11. Any help on this one

    Sabrina Colorado Companion anyone reach out to her or check her info out ?
  12. XOC

    I just get booted from their site also when trying to verify
  13. XOC

    Been looking at them for awhile sucks they only take p411 to get verified
  14. How to safely connect

    I saw someone in Julyish and after thought that was really dumb of me. This virus shit can go to hell
  15. How to safely connect

    Might be worth forgetting about this virus thing going around :0